"And at a time even beyond this there was a black-skinned people in India, who were Black, just as Black as you and I,called Dravidians. They inhabited the subcontinent of  before the present people that you see living there today, and they had a high state of culture. The present people of India even looked upon them as gods; most of their statues, if you'll notice, have pronounced African features.You go right to India today—in their religion, which is called Buddhism, they give all their Buddhas the image of a Blackman, with his lips and his nose, and even show his hair all curled up on his head; they didn't curl it up, he was born that way. And these people lived in that area before the present people of India lived there."

Scholarship with Dr. Clyde Winters

Click on the above picture to listen to a radio interview of  Dr. Clyde Winters  Dr. Winters is an African/American Scholar. He is a linguist who has the ability to decipher ancient African Languages.  Buddhist came into Ancient Meroe 1000's of years ago.  The Japanese are not teaching correct Buddhist history.  There are records and scholarship. We must take on the Japanese racism of Buddhism.  The Buddhist teachings of Nichiren Daishonin of 13th Century Japan is a profound teaching that can help the world.  Unfortunately this teaching is coming to America in a Japanese racist way.

Clyde Winters Ph.D, is Director of the Uthman dan Fodio Institute. Dr. Winters is the author of numerous articles and books on anthropology, linguistics and archaeogenetics.  His most recent book is Brain Based Learning and Special Education . Presently, he is working on archaeogenetics of Indian and African civilizations and people.
Click on the above picture to see a video of Buddhism in Upper Egypt by Dr. Winters.  The Buddha was an African and the Japanese people hide true history.  Study your history.

If you study history you will find that many of the great Black leaders in America were motivated when they read Black history. Dr. Martin Luther king, Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington and other knew and understood Black History.

Black people have a great Buddhist history. Nichiren Daishonin who we call the "The Messenger of the  Buddha" writes "exert yourself into the two ways of practice and study, without practice and study there can be no Buddhism.

When you study the Ancient Black Priest in India they were not like the Japanese Priest in America or Japanese Buddhist leader  Daisaku Ikeda. When you study the African Buddhist of Ancient times you learn just how arrogant many of these Japanese Buddhist teachers are in America. One thing that we are clear on and that is the fact that Japanese do not teach African/Americans about their Black Buddhist past.  Welcome to your Black Buddhist past via our African/American Buddhist history lecture.


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