Meet Alan Billups A Black Buddhist Warrior
Alan Billups is a single 33 year old African/American Nichiren
Shoshu member. Professionally Alan is a self-employed
Physical Therapist specializing in "Energy Healing". Besides
his "Energy Healing" profession Alan  lectures on Afro-
centric teachings and Buddhism. Alan is among the most
articulate Buddhist lecturers in America. Alan has been a
Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist since  his father  Aaron Billups began practicing when Alan was 18 months old. Aaron Billups was  once one of the highest ranking African/American leaders in the ex-communicated SGI. Racial prejudice in SGI lead Alan's father away from Buddhism, however Alan gained keen insight of Buddhist teachings as a youth and departed from the SGI and joined the Hokkeko Buddhist lay organization. Joining the Hokkeko Buddhist organization allowed Alan the opportunity to grow into his own as a Black and Proud Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist. Alan often lectures to groups and conferences and he has traveled to Africa to promote Buddhism. One name that is synonymous to a Proud Black Buddhist is Alan Billups. Page Two

Alan Billups in Japan At  Grave of  9th High Priest Nichiu Shonin.  Who established The Kegi Sho.  This Temple is located 2 hours from the Head Temple Behind Mt Fuji And All Nichiren Shoshu Priest visit this Temple when they complete Priest Training.