The Debate letters To Greg Martin From Alan Billups

We at proud Black Buddhist did not include the Greg Martin letters because the letters represent typical SGI orientation and manipulation.   In other words Greg Martin justed rehashed information received from the SGI Japan public relations department.  Alan on the other hand did his own independent research and challenged the SGI propaganda department.  If SGI members wish to read Greg Martins reply they can contact Greg Martin or we would be happy to present his letter.

At this point we at Proud Black Buddhist are presenting Alan Billups debate documents to show not only Alan's words but also his spirit, courage and Buddhist insight.  African/Americans in the SGI Buddhist organization have no voice and they are docile when it comes to SGI issues not listed on the SGI public relations agenda, we at proud black Buddhist hope that we can give these African/Americans courage to challenge Buddhist issues .  More importantly if African/Americans are going to be key players in the propagation of Buddhism African/American should write.  The SGI never encouraged scholarship among African/American Buddhist although SGI have educated African/Americans practicing, the reason they do not encourage scholarship is because SGI is brainwashing.  We challenge African/Americans to write.  SGI why are no African/Americans writing Japanese are writing, Whites are writing what about African/Americans?


SGI African/Americans Limited View

African/Americans in SGI Buddhism knowledge is limited only to SGI propagation documents like the "World Tribune" news paper and the "Living Buddha" Magazine consequently African/Americans are easily brainwashed and cannot refer to Buddhist information beyond those documents.


1.  Alan Billups Letter to Greg Martin December 3, 1993

2. Alan Billups Letter to Greg Martin December 18, 1993

3. Alan Billups Letter to Greg Martin December 23, 1993

4.. Alan Billups Personally Designed  1993 Kechimyaku  Chart