The religion of Nichiren  Buddhism in America does not manifest itself in an Afro-Centric Cultual expression. Meet Mr. Alan Billups a Buddhist Scholar who brings intellect and a Black Cultural expression to the Buddhist teachings.
Click on the picture of Alan Billups and hear Alan on WDIA radio station in Memphis.

Click on Picture Alan explains the meaning of  Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Click on Alan's Picture to read his lecture "Healing the Universal Family".
Alan at the Lorrain Motel in Memphis where Dr. King was shot. Alan explains how Buddhism inter-relates to the Martin, Malcolm and the Black movement. Click on picture for video
Click on the picture. Alan explains what is Buddhism? We mean what is Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism when we ask this question.
Click on this picture to hear Alan Chanting and reciting  a portion of reading the Sutra.  Alan explains the theory of the Buddhist Practice. He explains what is the Gohonzon or object of worship.  Please give the Video time to load. The Picture and large and it takes time for the files to download on your computer if you have a slow speed.
Part One Alan at Amp's house explaining Buddhism
Part  two Alan at Amp's house explaining Buddhism
Click on the picture below and see Video of Alan Billups explaining some of the basics of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist practice. This video was taped in the home of Anthony Elmore and Elmore is asking the questions.  These are  Nichiren Shoshu education videos. Give the video time to load.

Alan just off the top of his head explains many things about Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. Alans gives an indept explaination about the Juzu or Buddhist prayer beads and many things. This video is about 7 minutes long. Please give the video time to load.

Alan's book "HEALING THE  UNIVERSAL FAMILY"  is available on Amazon books. This is a fantastic scholarly work by Alan Billups.  Alan has the ability to explain complicated Buddhist theories in a way that is understandable. I put Alan's work and scholarship up there with the world's best Buddhist writers. We also make note that there exist an "intitutional racism" in Buddhism that does not support Buddhist scholars like Alan Billups. If a Japanese or a Buddhist Priest has written such a scholarly work that book would be praised by Nichiren Buddhist.  The issue remains in America that when it comes to Buddhism African/Americans are marginalized and African/Americans scholars are not recognized or encouraged. A Barack Obama could not emerge from such ranks because the enviroment in Buddhism does not encourage strong African/American development within the Buddhist ranks.
We at this website consider Mr. Alan Billups our brother and friend.  Alan is the most articulate Nichiren Shoshu English speaker in the world.  The Japanese put Alan in a subordinate role. He or no other African or African American have a key role in Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. Our prayer is that our friend Alan will join with us and Alan becomes our "Spiritual leader."  African and African Americans need Alan.  Alan will never go anywhere in Nichiren Shoshu.  We African Americans need our own independent Buddhist Churches.