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In 2008  the eyes of the world was on Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin.  We wrote a  Buddhist Lecture about Sarah Palin.  Click on her picture to read on 2008 Buddhist lecture.
Nichiren Shoshu Temple and the SGI represent a distinct Japanese culture whereas the Buddhist culture and teachings are centralized and lack the spontaneity of culture and Buddhist dialog regarding cultural events as it relates to the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin. Our current Buddhist teachings does not allow an environment that incubates American Buddhist protagonist, writers or journalist who are engaged at teaching the Buddhist Prospectives of life and living. I have attempted to encourage Nichiren Shoshu Priest to lecture on current events and to help bring Nichiren Buddhism to our main stream society.   I could not take it anymore and I have departed the Nichiren Shoshu Sect.
The spirit of Great Black Revolutionary leader Malcolm X helped to influence this website. It was my reading Malcolm X book on Afro-American History that I learned that the Buddha Shakymuni was Black. Click on picture to read story.
The most sacred Christian song in the Black Community is Amazing Grace. Click on the picture below to read a Buddhist lecture on the subject.
Click on my picture read more of my Buddhist lectures. I encourage you who practice Buddhism to study hard and master the Buddhist Teachings. By writing you will gain a greater insight into Buddhism. Know the teachings and help others to learn. Click on this picture and read some of my other lectures.
Please click on the picture on the left to read the Anthony "Amp" Elmore Buddhist lecture "Long Walk To Freedom."