The Movie Avatar: A Buddhist Lecture
By Anthony "Amp" Elmore Sr.
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Actor Chris Rock did a movie on the subject "Good Hair."  The Good Hair issue is a phenomenon that affects African and African/American people. A Nichiren Shoshu Priest do not understand such cultural phenomena.  This is another reason why we need Black people to teach Black people about Buddhism. Not only did we cover the subject we wrote the most indept thesis anywhere on the subect of "Good Hair." You do not have to be a Buddhist to enjoy my lecture. Click on picture

Buddhism & Science
Ardi our 4.4 million Year old ancestor
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Love, Sex and Relationships a Buddhist Soul Lecture
Click on this picture and read what I call a "Buddhist Soul" lecture. You can read a bit and jam on some great music. This is a great way of teaching Buddhism using a Black cultural model.  Many practising Buddhist will just shake their head because in their opinion Buddhism has to be only Japanese.  Before there was ever Japanese Buddhism. African practiced Buddhism thousand of years before. This  Black soul lecture is a great way to teach Buddhism.


Issac Hayes Death a Buddhist Reflection of Life and Living Lecture
Isaac Hayes was not only a Memphis hero he was loved Worldwide. He was known as the  "Black Moses."  The Memphis Buddhist meeting was held only about 2000 yards for the famous Stax Museum. I asked Buddhist Priest Rev. Shishi Iwaki to do a special ceremony. This Priest could care less about Black people. Not only did he not consider he would not go to the National Civil Rights Museum and honor Dr. Martin Luther King and thousands who died in the Civil rights struggle. Since he would not lecture on death and dying in regards to Issac Hayes I wrote this lecture in 2008.  We Black People should not deal with racially insensitve people. Whether he is a Niciren Shoshu Priest or not. Click on the Picture to real my Lecture in regards to Issac Hayes death.
Martin Luther King's Death the 40th year Anniversary Tribute in Memphis, Tennessee in 2008 honoring his legacy.
On April 4, 2008 the world was in Memphis honoring and respecting Dr. Martin Luther King. As a Nichiren  Buddhist we participated in many of the ceremonies honoring Dr. Martin Luther King. It is also terrible that while the world honors Dr. Martin Luther King I spoke with Nichiren Shoshu Priest Rev. Iwaki who was appointed to the position as Priest in Chicago and this man refused to even say a prayer in honor of Dr. King. While many look upon some of these Priest as Gods I hold Rev. Iwaki as insensitive and he has no business representing Black people.  This is one of the reasons that I departed Nichiren Shoshu.   Click on the Picture of Dr. King to read our report.
In 2008 the world was excited and fascinated with then Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. While the world was interested In Barack Obama there was nothing written about this phenomena by the Nichiren Shoshu Priest. In fact a Barack Obama could not have emerged from Nichiren Shoshu or the SGI Buddhist because they do not have an environment that is conducive for Black growth and development.. Either group has never produced a Black scholar that they recognize. Although the Priest never took an interest in Barack Obama I wrote a lecture called Barack Obama and Buddhism that I wrote and posted on our "Proud Black Buddhist" Website in 2008. Click on Picture to read our lecture.