If you are a person who is seeking to learn Buddhism and you are faced with a choice of comparing Nichiren Sects the following story will give you a "Real life Account" of Comparing  the SGI Buddhist Organization with the Proud Black Buddhist World Association.  Mr. Greg Shabazz at the time of this posting is a 50 year old African/American professional who lives in Columbus, Ohio.  

Mr. Bobby Hudson is an SGI Buddhist who is dedicating his life to preaching and teaching Buddhism as propagated by the over 125 Billion dollar rich SGI Buddhist organization that is based in Japan.  The SGI has invested perhaps over 2 billion dollars in America in its Buddhist propagation methods.  Mr. Bobby Hudson models the African/American SGI mindset in America. 

This young SGI African/American leader watched a Buddhist ceremony that I performed at the home of Mr. Shabazz on Video, he made the assumption that I organized the optics. Mr. Shabazz is from the Islamic faith and he does not were shoes in his home.  Our ceremony had nothing to do with Mr. Hudson's grandmother.  Mr. Gregory Shabazz chose his own Buddhist Altar, the area where the Altar would be placed. We took off our shoes in respect for the home tradition of Mr. Gregory Shabazz.   

Mr. Hudson you are not the "Master of your Destiny" you have no idea what you recite when you do your prayers. If you were to investigate most SGI or Nichiren  Shoshu Buddhist members in America you will find that most do not have a through knowledge of Buddhist history outside of the Japanese paradigm. The Lotus Sutra was  written in the Indian Native Language of Pali.  Most of the ancient Buddhist Indian Texts are in Pali. The Lotus Sutra that Mr. Hudson is referring to was not translated  by Chinese Kumarajiva until around the Christian era of 406 A.D.  The Lotus Sutra was taught in Africa 100's of years before it arrived to China or Japan. Even more interesting was the fact that the Lotus Sutra was in Greece about 800 years before it was translated into Chinese.

There is no language called "Chinese Sanskrit."  This SGI leader has the same erroneous information that he posted on the Web.  The SGI  is speading "Ignorance." During my SGI days we were given the same erroneous information.   Mr. Hudson writes that "Chinese Sanskrit" developed from the African language.  That is not true because there was no working language called "Chinese Sanskrit."  Historians have found that "Sanskrit" came from the Ethiopian language of "Geeze."  My Ethiopian Wife speaks "Geeze." Please read the Ethiopia Kebra Negast for more information.  This is the writing of the Ancient African Kings of Ethiopia.

We Nichiren Buddhist do a prayer ceremony called Gongyo where we recite the Lotus Sutra. What Mr. Hudson and SGI members are taught is that they are reciting their prayers in some mystic language called "Chinese Sanskrit."  The reality of the matter is the fact that they recite, not "Chinese Sanskrit" but they recite what is called "Shindoku."

The recitation of the Sutra is written in "Shindoku" or Japanese. Shindoku literally means "True Reading." This means that we recite Chinese sutras using the "Sino Japanese" Reading. Moreover, the way Japanese read the sutra is Rearranged so that it fits Japanese Grammar. This is simply not Chinese. Please note that the Japanese grammatical suffixes and prefixes are added. Also understand that Chinese characters are read in a way that makes it easy for Japanese. In short, Gongyo the way that it is done  is simply a Japanese dialect. This is designed for Japanese. This is why Gongyo is done in "Shindoku." Mr. Hudson is going around teaching people to read Japanese writings and he believes in his heart that he is doing some Mythically Romantic language called "Chinese Sanskrit" while he is unknowing promoting Japanese cultural Domination. We hold that the Japanese teach "Shindoku" as part of Japanese "Ethnocentrism." Buddhism is easily learned via teaching the prayers in English.  We at the Proud Black Buddhist association reject the dominate Japanese Cultural Practice of "Shindoku" as the "Primary Way of practicing the Lotus Sutra."

Click on the above picture to see a 5 minute video of Mr. Shabazz becoming a Nichiren Buddhist
Mr. Bobby Hudson and many SGI members hold a myopic view of Buddhism in that he trivalize practicing Buddhism in relationship to one's culture as an example of  taking off one's shoes. What he fails to realize is that most Japanese teach a style of Buddhism that puts Japanese in a position of "Cultural Dominance." Cultural Dominance is Racism.  In 1787 in Philadelphia, the Black church was born out of protest and revolutionary reaction to racism. Richard Allen and Absalom Jones started the "Black Church in America.  Let me be clear Buddhist history is Black History. The fact that Japanese Buddhist organizations extricate Black history and culture from Buddhist teachings such practices is a "Racist Act." We mandate the evolution of the Black Buddhist Sangha.  The "Sutra Reads:" put faith in the law and not persons." The way to bring equality into Buddhism is for African/Americans to start our own Black Sangha. We understand the racist mentality of SGI leader  Daisaku Ikeda, Nichiren Shoshu and many Japanese Buddhist sects  We reject a Buddhism of Japanese Cultural domination. In regards to sitting on the floor many African cultures sit on the floor. In my personal case I am married to an Ethiopian and at family gatherings in Ethiopia we eat not only on the floor, we eat with our bare hands.
The SGI and most Japanese deny Black Buddhist History Click on the Above picture and learn more

One of the positive aspects of learning Buddhism from Japanesee is the removing  of shoes when organizing home meetings. Many who engage in Buddhism love this aspect of Japanes Culture. You can get more people in the room and my personal opinion being on the floor is more intimate.  Mr. Bobby Hudson erroneously implied that I suggested the Japanese Tradition of removing my shoes during a Buddhist Ceremony. I personally love this tradition, but I leave such choice to those who adopt the Buddhist faith. Such assumptions of Mr. Hudson are immature, condescending and over reaching in an effort to criticize our efforts.

SGI leader Mr. Bobby Hudson makes statements that we hate Japanese people because we demand "inclusion and equality" in our Buddhist Practice. Please click on the picture to the left in watch a scene from our 1988 movie "The Contemporary Gladiator." As a youth Japanese culture was integrated into my life.  I studied "Old Japanese Shotokan Karate." Today I am respected in many Japanese and Karate schools since I am a 5 Time world Karate Kickboxing Champion. I have traveled to Japan many times. I loved and enjoyed being at the wonderful Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Head Temple in Taisekiji, Japan. If you notice on the picture to the left you see a "Japanese Flag."  Above that Japanese flag you see a "Red Black and Green flag." While I enjoy Japanese culture we have always had a "Cultural Inclusion."  In regards to Buddhist teachings I witness Japanese leaders Daisaku Ikeda and Nichiren Shoshu Priests extricate Black culture from the Buddhist Practice.  Both Japanese leaders Daisaku Ikeda and Nichiren Shoshu Priests retired African leader Mr. Joseph Asomani in Accra, Ghana. Click here to read their racist story.  Rev. Murata broke up Black groups in Memphis. We call their acts "Racist."

The world's largest indoor Buddha statue is that of a Black Buddha in Japan. SGI leader Daisaku Ikeda writes in his fictionalized book "The living Buddha" that the Buddha was Aryan. SGI leaders and members like Mr. Bobby Hudson look upon SGI leader Daisaku Ikeda almost as a living God or Buddha. While this statue in Japan is clear-cut evidence and archeological evidence of a "Black Buddhist Past" SGI members are not allowed to question Daisaku Ikeda or bring up scientific evidence of Black Buddhist History.  Most Japanese Buddhist organizations purposefully extricate Black history from Buddhism.  Shakyamuni Buddhism was in Africa 1100 years before it was introduced to China or Japan.  The Japanese Buddhism Sect do not teach a Buddhism inclusive of Black Buddhist history. Most SGI African/American leaders are like Mr. Bobby Hudson they are programmed to be docile and soft.  Most will not question racism or fight for equality or Cultural inclusion.