The Gosho or (Buddhist Bible) "HELL IS THE LAND OF TRANQUIL LIGHT'  READS:
“One who, on hearing the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, makes even greater efforts in faith is a true seeker of the way. T'ien-t'ai states, “From the indigo, an even deeper blue.” This passage means that, if one dyes something repeatedly in indigo, it becomes even bluer than the indigo leaves. The Lotus Sutra is like the indigo, and the strength of one's practice is like the deepening blue.”


Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism is not a religion in the sense as we know religion but it is a science of living that has an "Object of Devotion called a Gohonzon." We chant the phase Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to develop our "Higher Life Condition" that we call Buddhahood. Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism is not really an oriental religion but a universal philosophy based on the law of "Cause and Effect." The about quote about the indigo and its becoming a deeper Blue means that wherever your life is via the practice of Buddhism you will be able to enhance or strengthen you life. Most of all you will strengthen your "Life Condition" or "Inner Happiness."

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Elmore's Buddhist faith has lead him to help bring Africa into the 21st Century.  Elmore's vision is called Safari 2015. Currently Elmore has developed the Vision to promote the 1st official State Reception of African/Americans returning to the Continent of Africa. Click on picture to see video.

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Click on above scene of Elmore movie when he depicts himself as a 19 year old Black Revolutionary. Elmore became Buddhist and changed his outlook of America. The father is played by Buddhist Tommy Lee Ray.
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