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Let me be clear.  The Japanese who brought Buddhism to America bring a form of Buddhism that borderlines racism.  The Japanese as Whites have been equally oppression in their efforts to write Black people out of Buddhism.  When you study Buddhism you are studying Black History.  The ancient Buddhist were Black.  They were call Dravidian or Naga people.  Let us start your journey into Black Buddhist history via you reading our lecture " Buddha the 1st Black Revolutionary Hero.  We challenge both SGI leader Daisaku Ikeda and Nichiren Shoshu Priests.  They both know the history of Blacks in Buddhism but they do not teach this history.  Let me site an example. On the Gohonzon are five Black Buddhist figures.  If you learn Buddhism from most Japanese they do not teach about the five figures or Black people on the Gohonzon.  Please note that in ancient times the Japanese use to respect African people.  The 1st Shogun of Japan was a man of African decent.  Japanese do not teach this history.  Click on the above picture and read the Buddhist Lecture.

This website was inspired by Black Revolutionary Hero Malcolm X.  It was Malcolm X in his Book Afro-American history where I learned the the Buddha was a man of African decent.  What prevents such facts from emerging is Buddhism "Institutional Racism."  The Japanese purposefully wrote Black people out of Buddhism.  It is impossible to write African American out of Buddhism because Nichiren Daishonin was clear to add 5 people of African Decent to the Gohonzon that we worship.

The Japanese leaders do not teach this information.  The spirit of Malcolm x aroused inside of us and we challenge the Japanese on their "Institutional Racism."

Malcome X or Dr. Martin Luther King would not have let the Japanese get away with marginalizing the Buddhist history of people of African  decent.  Click on the picture of Malcolm X an read our Malcolm X inspired Lecture.