Black Buddhist Practice Regarding Nichiren Shu
One of the best kelp secrets that I have encountered in my 40 years as a Nichiren Buddhist has been my introduction to Nichiren Shu Buddhism. I met the African American female Priest Myokei Shonin, but I have never carried a conversation with her.  I witness the training of one of her Memphis Sangh members Mr. Shaka Khalphani. I was so impressed with the way Shaka conduted his prayer is that I posted on our Proud Black Buddhist Website that Shaka should become a great  Nichiren Shu Priest.
Click on the picture to read the question we posted to Myokei Shonin and Nichiren Shu leaders
The relationship with the Nichiren Shu Buddhist Sect; it has been a "Dual Blessing" to us.  The Nichiren Shu Buddhist teachings include practices that are broader and deeper than both the SGI and Nichiren Shoshu.  Nichiren Shu seems to have the right elements that would be attractive to the African American community.  It seems that Nichiren Shu Buddhist sect is  small and quite "esoteric." We asked Myokei Shonin a question about their policy regarding African American.  This question apparently was an insult.
Our encounter with the Nichiren Shu Sect is that the sect is not ready "For Prime Time."  We at the Proud Black Buddhist Website  broke "Social Protocol" by asking and posting on our website about their "Policy regarding the African and African American Community.  In Japanese Culture "no answer is your answer."  In the case of Mr. Shaka Khalphani he took the matter personal and dispatched and email stating that I was both a "Terrorist and a Bully." Further he wrote that I was not welcomed at his home in Memphis. What I know about Nichiren Shu is that when a person is awarded a Gohonzon (object of worship) that home becomes a Nichiren Shu Sangha. We entrusted Shaka to teach us the Tenants of Nichiren Shu Buddhism. Myokei Shonin apparently acquiesced to Shaka not welcoming us.
When Shaka Khalphani said that Elmore was not welcomed at his home he contacted the Nichiren Shu Temple in New York.  Elmore engaged in a conversation with Mr. Roy Secord. Ultimately Elmore was told that he must deal with Myokei Shonin.  Roy asked Elmore to remove the image of Myokei Shonin from his website.  Elmore did remove the image, but it was at the cost of his "dignity and self-respect.  No White man should dictate to a Black man to remove an image in exchange his communicating with the Nichiren Shu Priest in regards to answering  policy regarding African American people. Whatever happen to intelligent discussion. We spent hours writing the question to Nichiren Shu Buddhist leaders.
We at the "Proud Black Buddhist Website" thank the Nichiren Shu sect. We hold that many of the practices incorporated by the Nichiren Shu sect can work great in the African American community.  While Priest Myokei Shonin is an African American female Priest she never answered our questions. The Sangha in Memphis represents her Temple in Houston, Texas.  We created the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association instead of waiting on an answer. We gather that "Proud Black Buddhist are not welcomed at her Temple in Houston.  Mr. Shaka Khalphani seems to have learned a great deal about Nichiren Shu practices and little about humanity.  Mr. Roy Secord sells himself as a "White Buddhist Liberal. " In practice when it comes to race he notes that we should tone our website down.  In America Racism is the greatest reason that African Americans shy away from Buddhism.  Read my letter below to Mr. Roy Secord.  Perhaps he should understand what is true equality.
We at the Proud  Black Buddhist Website was encouraged by the teachings of Nichiren Shu. However when it comes to practice "where is your true heart?"  We are intelligent people who are logical and rational.  Nichiren Daishonin was asked questions and he took the time to answer questions.  Anthony "Amp" Elmore ask you in Nichiren Shu about your "Racial Policy" and you resort to anger and lower thinking.  Like the SGI, Nichiren Shoshu you not only refuse to answer a question you act in anger and say we are not welcomed at anymore Nichiren Shu meetings.  We have written challenging statements to SGI members and it never ever turned into hatred or a personal attack.  Because we asked a question we called a "Terrorist and a Bully." Over years I have debated SGI members. We have never resulted into personal attacks.
Shaka Khalphani is the Nichiren Shu leader in Memphis. Shaka was a brother and friend who writes that we are not welcomed at his home in Memphis.  Read what we wrote about Shaka.
Roy Secord is a Buddhist Leader at the Nichiren Shu Center in New York. He says we need to tone down our website a bit. He asked us to remove a picture and message addressed to Nichiren Shu Leaders.
Click on my picture and what a Video Tited We must include our Culture in Buddhist Teachings
Nichiren Shu Priest Myokei Shonin wrote and email to us on Thursday April 3, 2014 stating that we mis-represented her.  We are clear that we never Mis-represented Nichiren Shu or Myokei Shonin.  We were attending meetings at here Sangha in Memphis, TN.  When we asked about their policy regarding inclusion of African and African/American Culture and history we were told not to come to any more meetings and we were abused. Please click on the picture of Myokei Shonin and Shaka and learn the story.