Black Buddhist Practice with the Nichiren Shoshu Priest
Click on the picture and hear three California woman share their experience at the Nichiren Shoshu Temple in Taisekiji, Japan.  This experience is one of the best experiences you can take in life.
Anthony "Amp" Elmore is shooting Video in Japan
One of the greatest experiences that I have ever had in my life was traveling to Taiskiji Japan and visiting the Nichiren Shoshu Head Temple. While I enjoyed myself at the head Temple in Japan I would never visit again the Nichiren Shoshu Myogyoji Temple in Chicago where I am a Temple member.  Since I would not visit the Temple myself, I would not encourage any African American to visit this Temple. In my personal case I see myself renouncing myself as a Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist.
Many African Americans swear by "Nichiren Shoshu Priesthood."  I will never forget what "Tony" the New York Temple lay leader said at Tozan.  Tony said that anything that did not come from the Priest was "Not Real."  I never knew that a Nichiren Shoshu Priest had a monopoly on "Truth." In the Gosho writings of Nichiren Daishonin he writes in the Goshos: Teachings, Practice and Proof: "The words of the various teachers are in themselves of no use at all. The Buddha gave strict counsel against following them with his statement in the Nirvana Sutra, “Rely on the Law and not upon persons."
We at the Proud Black Buddhist World Association holds that no human, religious order, Priest is above he "LAW."  It is written in the Gosho the 14 Slanders: "

"But how great is the difference between the blessings received when a sage chants the daimoku and the blessings received when we chant it?” To reply, one is in no way superior to the other. The gold that a fool possesses is no different from the gold that a wise man possesses; a fire made by a fool is the same as a fire made by a wise man.  However, there is a difference if one chants the daimoku while acting against the intent of this sutra."

This is a picture of Ghana leader Mr. Joseph Asomani that I took in June of 1998
In 1990 Mr. Joseph Asomani and Ghana Buddhist leaders lead over 600 members to Nichiren Shoshu Temple.  In 1998 when the Nichiren Shoshu Temple opened there was over 1000 Nichiren Shoshu in Ghana.  Just as soon as Nichiren Shoshu got established in Ghana they retired Mr. Asomani. What you find in Nichiren Shoshu in regards to African and African/American people is "marginalization." No Black man has a place in Nichiren Shoshu.
Nichiren Shoshu Priest Shina Iwaki came to Memphis & Refused a Pray Dr. Martin Luther King.
Just as the Nichiren Shoshu Priest retired Joseph Asomani in Ghana Rev. Murata who is the Chief Priest in Washington D.C. broke up the Black Buddhist Memphis, Tennessee. Just like their Japanese SGI predecessors  before them, Nichiren Shoshu is more interested in maintaining "Japanese Superiority and Culture" than teaching the true law.  In February of 2012 Rev. Iwaki asked me to keep culture out of Buddhism.  What he meanth was that I should submit to "Japanese Superiority." African American departed Nichiren Shoshu in Memphis, Tennessee.
Click to read the story. Nichiren Shoshu Priest came to Memphis and refused to do a prayer for Memphis hero Issac Hayes. He does not respect Blacks.
We African Americans understand our community better than any Japanese. We hold that Buddhism should be taught in the African American community via a A "Cultural Integration."  Many, many African American Nichiren Shoshu members swear by the Nichiren Shoshu Priest.  We hold that they need to go back to Japan and get some training in "Diversity." If you desire to learn traditional Japanese Buddhism the Nichiren Shoshu temple is the way to go in that they will bring you into their over 750 year Japanese Traditions.  We at the Proud Black Buddhist Association favor a Buddhism targeted to Africans and African/Americans for Africans and African Americans.