Please understand that once upon a time all of Asia was inhabited by Black people.  What is known as Asian people are the result of Whites and Blacks mating.  This is where the Asian man comes from. Let me relate this story. At the Nichiren Shoshu Temple in Ghana that opened in 1998 there was a Nichiren Shoshu Priest by the name of Rev. Dojo Yorshita. When you discuss matter of race with Rev. Yorshita, Rev. Yorshita came out and told me that he was an African in his past life. It was amazing how different the Priest were in America and how Rev. Yorshita was in Ghana. I believe if you shared Buddhist history with Rev. Yorshita he would have embraced the “True History.” Rev. Yorshita never paraded himself as a “know it all” master.”

Please note that the ancestors to the Ainu were African people. Let me explain, the original people of Japan were the Ainu people. In Australia the original people were the “Kooris” in America the original people we the Native Americans. In Japan the original people were the Ainu. The Japanese discriminated against the Ainu people, the Japanese took their land just as the Whites took the land from Native Americans.

When dealing with Japanese people we must go back to ancient times. During ancient times Africans ruled the world. It is only within the last 600 years where Africans lost their place in history. Let us go back to the time of Buddhism being introduced to Japan. Please note that the Koreans brought Buddhism to Japan. They built the World’s largest indoor image of the Buddha in the ancient capital of Japan in a city called Nara.

Let us review Ancient Japan. The 1st Shogun of Japan was a Black Japanese man by the name of Saknouye Tamuramaro. In ancient times in Japan and it the world it was common to find images of Black Gods. The Japanese accepted Black Gods as powerful and strong.

Although the Japanese of today try to write Africans out of history it is only a matter of doing your homework and you will find Black History and Black Culture in Buddhism. Japanese can “jive you” if you do not study your history. If it was up to Japanese to teach you your culture and history in Buddhism, then you will have an endless wait. These Japanese are not about to teach Africans and African Americans their history and culture in Buddhism.

Take the case of Anthony “Amp” Elmore and the “Proud Black Buddhist World Association.” We start from the “Bat” teaching you about your Black Culture and history in Buddhism. Let us start with the “Gohonzon” the object of worship as revealed by Nichiren Daishonin. When you can present documentary proof of the Black Presence in Buddhism the Japanese try to write this evidence off.
Let us look at the Gohonzon and note how Nichiren Daishonin who we call the Messenger of the Buddha made sure that he included Black Culture and History in the Gohonzon. Let us do a break down of the Gohonzon. Please note while the SGI give you a break-down of the Gohonzon they cleverly leave off the Black Heritage. Also note that when it comes to the Black Heritage on the Gohonzon the Nichiren Shu Buddhist order gets it right. If you study the teachings of the Gohonzon from Nichiren Shu you get a teaching outside of the bubble of a religious sect. Nichiren Shu is not a closed minded as the SGI and Nichiren Shoshu.

"[Dai Bishamon] Vaisravanais the guardian of the north and the chief of the four guardian kings —'he who is knowing,' 'he who hears everything in the kingdom', the protectorof the state par excellence, sometimes thought to be a god of defensive warfare. In China, he is considered to be a Buddhization of the Indiangod of wealth, Kuvera, the north being considered to hold fabulous treasures.He presides over winter and is black, so is also called 'the black warrior.'His symbols are a jewel and a serpent, and he commands a large army of Yaksas." (p.242)
There are those who are upset that we have a Proud Black Buddhist Website. On the Gohonzon on the top left is the Buddhist God "Dai Bishamon Tenno."  He is also called the "Black Warrior."  Nichiren Daishonin put the "Black Warrior" on the Gohonzon.  He is a "Proud Black Buddhist God." He is not racist just Black.
Fudo Myo 'O is a "Black God that is on the Gohonzon. We are proud to know that Nichiren Daishonin Placed Black Gods on the Gohonzon.