The Proud Black Buddhist are in Ghana. We Blacks in America are interconnected. This Temple opening changed my Life. This website started as a result of a battle with the SGI Buddhist who wanted to hide the fact that Daisaku Ikeda was racist in Ghana. We have since departed Nichiren Shoshu. Ghana are still our family.

Click on my picture and read an actual letter I wrote to the SGI. I fought in Ghana. When I say things about our Priest I have a background & history. Look at my clothes going to Ghana changed my life. If you are Black this temple in Ghana is special. I will let you know more about this later in this website.

Joseph Asomani explains Ghana members left the SGI before the Priest dispute

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1998 Interview with Rev. Dojo Yorshita in Ghana
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Rev. Dojo Yorshita Sent this Video Message to All African/Americans

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This is Martin Appiah one of the contractors who helped to build the Temple. Martin is just one among the many passionate Buddhist in Ghana. Martin tell his story as to why to practice Buddhism. Next he talk about Ikeda.

To understand Buddhism in Ghana let me give you some background. I am a 5 time Karate/Kickboxing Champion. For over 20 years I was a fight promoter and producer. I producted fights that aired on the Black Entertainment Network. In 1988 I produced a 35mm major motion picture. My film had taken me to Kenya where I met the Kenya President, promoted tours and I produced documentary video in Kenya.  In 1996 when I went on my 1st Tozan or visit to our Nichiren Shoshu head Temple I documented the entire events in 1996 & 1997. I have personally filmed two Nichiren Shoshu high Priests. When I traveled to Ghana in 1998 I was armed with a video camera and a lap top computer. Although I had departed the SGI Buddhist organization for what I can racial discrimination in 1991 I kelp close touch with my SGI friends whom I had been friends and family with for 20 years. After the Ghana Temple opening I sat in the Kum Hotel in Accra, Ghana and I drafted a letter to my SGI friends. I wrote my 1998 letter with my heart and soul. Not only did I write a letter I took my video camera and I recorded what I found in Ghana. I was the official Videographer for the opening ceremony. I was more because I used my skill to capture the time and spirit of an official Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Temple opening and I have documented the growth and development of this Temple. Ghana change my life.

Rev. Yorshita was not like Nichiren Shoshu Priest in America, nor was Buddhism in Ghana like Buddhism in America.  I lived to see Nichiren Shoshu marginalize, dominate and subordinate the Africans in Ghana.  Nichiren Shoshu institutional racism is worst than the SGI racism in that the Priest have a sanctified racism that will enternally place African in subordinate roles.  Just as soon as Nichiren Shoshu got established in Ghana they retired the great African leader Mr. Joseph Asomani.  The members in Ghana do not realize that they have be tricked by their Japanese masters.  We left Nichiren Shoshu to organize "The Proud Black Buddhist World Association."

After the Temple opening ceremony in Ghana Saturday February 21th and Sunday the 22 I record a typical Ghana morning. I go to the home of Joyce and Samuel Adonteng and we go to the Buddhist Temple for the 1st official morning prayers. I meet Alan Billups and I interview Rev. Dojo Yorshita. I take to Joyce on the Bus on the way to the temple.  This will let you see Ghana in 1998
Joyce tells the story to us about Mr. Asomani and SGI.
We come to the Temple for morning prayers Rev. Yorshita surprise us when he play drums

This is Mr. Sammy Martey a Buddhist leader in Ghana Sammy explains that the Ghana Constitution mandates the Ghanians choose their own religions leaders. When Daisaku Ikeda decided to change leaders in Ghana the Ghana members resisted.  Daisaku Ikeda later dismissed all of the Ghana members. There was a split in Ghana and 90% of Ghanians departed the SGI. The Ghana members practiced sometime without any connection to the Priests.  A U.S. member informed the Priest about what was happening in Ghana and some time later these brave Ghana members join the Nichiren Shoshu Temple. Mr. Richard Asanti purchased land and when high priest Nikken Shonin learned of their sincerity he granted a Temple. This temple opened on February 21, 1998. Click on picture to hear Sammy Martey.

Click on the pictures to here a 1998 interview by Ghana Chief Togbe Degenu explain Buddhism in Ghana and how members rose up to fight the SGI & Daisaku Ikeda