This Buddhist Temple was in Nubia Sundan over 1000 years before Buddhism reached Japan we see the Asoka Buddhist Edits carved in Stone. The Japanese Teach Hindu Buddhism that extricates Black Buddhist history in Sanskrit.
Black Buddhist King Asoka send missionaries to Africa. Buddhism was in African countries of Egypt, Ethiopia and Nubia. Daisaku Ikeda and Japanese leaders are aware of Black Buddhist history. They do not acknowledge it because they are "Hindu Buddhists." This Black Buddhist history is written the Pali Text the Vinaya Pitaka. Japanese use Racist Sanskrit that removes Black history.

This Black Buddha statue is not only the world's largest indoor Buddhist statue, it is also the world's largest bronze statue.  This "Black Buddha" statue and temple is a Japanese "World Heritage Site." The messessinger of the Buddha Nichiren Shonin in his writings called the Gosho makes many references to this Buddha known also in Japan as "Vairochana." Nichiren Shonin speaks often of Emperor Shomu who built this temple called "Toda-ji."

In reference to "Black History month" this is a quote from Nichiren Shonin in regards to the image of the "Black Buddha" at "Toda-ji." Nichiren Shonin quotes for the Gosho "Selection of Time."

"In the reign of Emperor Shamu (r. 724–749), the forty-fifth sovereign, the Flower Garland school was introduced from the kingdom of Silla by a priest of that state called the Preceptor Shinja . The Administrator of Priests Raben inherited its teachings and in turn introduced them to Emperor Shamu . He also helped construct the great image of the Buddha at Todai-ji ."
This is a picture of me Anthony "Amp" Elmore at Nichiren Shoshu head  Temple in "Taisekiji Japan" in August of 2002. We bring up cultural issues in regards to Nichiren Shoshu respecting the culture of all people. The Priest in white Rev. Taikahashi had an issue with our "Proud Black Buddhist website." We challenged the Priest on this issue, Nichiren Shoshu Priest isolated us and told members in Memphis to steer clear of us. Rev. Murata Chief Priest in Washington D.C. got upset when we asked him about the "Great Image Buddha at Todai-ji mention by Nichiren Shonin several times in the Gosho.
In conclusion: British Historian Godfrey Higgins writes that all of the Ancient Buddha statues show the Buddha as a man of "African Descent."  The fact is clear in Japan because the "Black Buddha" at "Toda-ji" Temple was build or completed in 752 A.D. over 500 years before the advent of Nichiren Shonin.  Images of the Buddha being White or Aryan came after the "Gupta Era" or the Golden age of Sanskrit where the Brahmins made the Buddha White.  Japanese Nichiren sect practice "Hindu Buddhism" a Buddhism that extricate all Black culture and history.  Facts speaks for themselves.