There is no mention of “Hindu” in ancient Aryan literature nullifying the belief that a Hindu nation existed before Buddhism. Hindus profess to be Aryans citing the Rigveda as the oldest literature in the world. However, Rigveda was written in Sanskrit and contains references to Prakrit language (600 BCE to 1000 CE) and Prakrit was associated with Buddhism. The Rigveda also contains Vaidik prayer to God Indra to kill Dasas. Dr. Ambedkar claims Dasas and Nagas were the same people and were rulers of India when the Rigveda was written. The Rigveda also mentions Rishis like Bharadwaj, Vasistha, Bhrigu, Viswamitra etc - Buddhist literature mentions these are Buddha’s contemporary so the Rigveda could not have been the oldest document in the world.

Early Translations of Buddhism to Chinese were from Pali

Sanskrit Versions of Buddhist teachings did not come to China until 100's of years later