The Shaka Era started from 78 AD related with Kanishka, a Buddhist emperor of the Kushan dynasty. During the Kanishka period, the Brahmins succeeded in their evil plans to kill the Spirit of Buddhism, they divided it on linguistic and racial lines into Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism. The Mahayanists were the Brahmins and followers of Sanskrit and the Black or indigenous people were the Hinayana who spoke in Pali or Praskrit. It was a fight between Maurya and the Brahmins, Brahmanism and Buddhism and finally between Sanskrit and Pali. Therefore, the Shaka Era is associated with the killing of Buddhist peaceful spirit.

When you study the history, culture and practices of the Japanese Buddhist sects like the SGI, Nichiren Shoshu and Nichiren Shu you will find a Buddhism or a Buddhist culture that marginalize or a practice and a Buddhist culture that extrapolate  or rather extricate Black history from Buddhism.

Most African/Americans have no idea that there ever was a Black Buddhist history.  The reason that a Black Buddhist history is unknown is because Whites and Japanese go through great lengths to hide or emarginalize Black Buddhist history.

The ultimate strategy that racist Japanese White supremist use to promote a White Buddhism is to identify with "Sanskrit Buddhism" and "Sanskrit Writings." When the Sanskrit writers copied the Black writings from "Pali into Sanskrit" they manipulated Buddhism along the line of race and linguistic  writings.  In simple terms they eliminated all of Buddhism's Black culture and history.

One would be hard pressed to find Black history inclusive of the teachings of the SGI, Nichiren Shoshu or Nichiren Shu.  They purposefully conspire and practice a racist Buddhism that does not include any Black Buddhist history.  Daisaku Ikeda wrote in his fictionalized book "The living Buddha" that the Buddha was of Aryan Descent.

The Vikram Era is associated with the defeat of the Shakas by Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya, a king of the Gupta dynasty. This was the "Golden Period of Hinduism." It is called so because Sanskrit was made the state language in place of Pali, the language of the Buddhists. So, the Vikram Era is associated with the extermination of Pali. In modern terms the "Vikram Era" is the time of the eradication of Buddhism and Black Buddhist history from India.  This is the time of the emergence of Sanskrit writings that replaced the "Black or Pali " Buddhist writings.

Sanskrit is the language of the Vaidiks or the racist Hindus who created the cast system. It was synthesized from Praskrit by Panini who was the contemporary of Patanjali. Patanjali was the Guru of Pushya Mitra Sung who killed the Buddhist (Mauryan) emperor in 185 BC in broad day-light while taking the salute of a parade.

There is no mention of “Hindu” in ancient Aryan literature nullifying the belief that a Hindu nation existed before Buddhism. Hindus profess to be Aryans citing the Rigveda as the oldest literature in the world. However, Rigveda was written in Sanskrit and contains references to Rarity language (600 BCE to 1000 CE) and Praskrit was associated with Buddhism. The Rigveda also contains Vaidik prayer to God Indra to kill Dasas. Dr. Ambedkar claims Dasas and Nagas were the same people and were rulers of India when the Rigveda was written. The Rigveda also mentions Rishis like Bharadwaj, Vasistha, Bhrigu, Viswamitra etc - Buddhist literature mentions these are Buddha’s contemporary so the Rigveda could not have been the oldest document in the world. The Brahmins and racist created the "Rigveda" the world's oldest document myth.