It is Black history month in America. I am Anthony “Amp” Elmore President and founder of the Proud Black Buddhist World Association. My lecture today is Buddhism’s Sanskrit promotes institutional racism, White superiority and Japanese dominance. The SGI and Japan Asian religions use Sanskrit to commit ethnic, religious and international fraud. There was never Sanskrit prior to Buddhism.  Why do the Japanese Buddhist sects like the SGI, Nichiren Shoshu, Nichiren Shu and other Buddhist sects promote Sanskrit when scientific evidence proves there was never  Sanskrit prior to Buddhism.  The Sanskrit case is a fraud.  Our charge is; these sects promote Sanskrit to promote racial, ethnic, linguistic and cultural superiority of people of African Heritage or "Dark Skin."  This practice is "racially motivated."

Let us be very, very, very clear SGI leader Daisaku Ikeda, Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Sect, Nichiren Shu sects and other sect create and promote a Buddhism based on White Supremacy and their use of the language of  "Sanskrit" is based on "Fraud."  Their concept to promote the culture,fraud and misconception of Buddhism and Buddha being White or from the Aryan background is racist.  These people purposefully use Sanskrit to promote "White or Aryan Superiority.

Buddhist Lecture by Anthony "Amp" Elmore President & Founder of the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association."

Anthony "Amp" Elmore

Recently we purchased the Nichiren Shu book "Introduction to the Lotus Sutra" by Nichiren Shu Buddhist writer Shinjo Suguro.  This book was translated by the Nichiren Buddhist International Center. In this book  on page two it reads: "The sutras were originally written in Sanskrit, the sacred Language of India."

We who study and practice Buddhism expect "intellectual honesty and scholarship" as opposed to racial propaganda and brainwashing.  The question that we ask based on facts and history why is "Sanskrit a sacred language." Scientific evidence proves that "Sanskrit" is not only a modern language, Sanskrit is an artificial language never spoken by common people in India. What facts prove that Sanskrit is a "sacred language." It depend on who you ask.  Racist Whites used Sanskrit to promote "White Supremacy."

Black people it is a disgrace, a disregard and disrespect to your heritage and ancestry for you to allow racist Japanese, racist whites to throw a language, words and teaching in your face that enslaved your, people, enslaved your ancestors and a language used today to discriminate against people with dark skin. Sanskrit is used to perpetuate Racism.

Josei Toda in the 1967 Book Lecture on the sutra out right tells a lie. Josei Toda writes;”Shakyamuni supposedly taught his Hokekyo in Sanskrit, and after his death, all of the 28 Chapters of the Hokekyo were complied in Sutra form also in Sanskrit. We hold that Josei Toda was aware as we are aware that the Lotus Sutra was not written in Sanskrit.  Toda modifies his words in the book "Lectures on the Sutra" by using the phase "Supposedly" taught in Sanskrit.  He says in the book that the "Lotus Sutra was compiled in Sutra form "also in Sanskrit".  Such things are a play on words and is dishonest.  The facts are the first Buddhist writings were in Pali or Praskrit.  The language spoken in India was Praskrit.  This is a lauguage ued by Blacks indegenous people of India.
Josei Toda, Shinjo Suguro Daisaku Ikeda, the high Priest everyone knows that when the Buddhist teachings were put to writing during the 4th Buddhist Council in Ceylon or Sri Lanka in 29 BCE or 450 years after the death of the Buddha Buddhism was written in Pali.  Sanskrit has not been invented at that time.

Those of you who are SGI members, Josei Toda was a very brilliant man and great Buddhist teacher. Josei Toda was well aware of Buddhist culture and history. Let us make the note that Nichiren Shonin almost never or rarely used the world "Sanskrit.  When Nichiren spoke about Sanskrit he reveals in the Gosho that "Sanskrit versions" of the Lotus Sutra were unrealiable in that they came hundreds of years after the Chinese versions of Buddhist teachings.  We ask the question if Nichiren Shonin did not promote the language of Sanskrit why do modern Japanese Buddhist align themselves so closely with Sanskrit and its "racist culture."  The reason that people align themselves with a racist culture is that they too are racist.  Sanskrit language did not come about until almost 500 years when the 1st Buddhist writing were recorded in Pali.
Josei Toda 2nd President of SGI  AKA Sokka Gakkai
The fourth Buddhist Council took place in Ceylon or Sri Lanka in 29 B.C.E.  Buddhist writings were 1st recorded in the language of Pali.  Black people or indigenous people spoke Pali.  Sanskrit Buddhist writings did not come about until over 500 years after the 4th Buddhist Council.  Sanskrit was a language spoken by Brahmins or Aryan people who practiced "White Supremacy."  When Buddhism was translated from Pali to Sanskrit they removed all "Black History and Culture."  The racism made Buddhism a White religion.  Japanese sects like the SGI, Nichiren Shoshu, Nichiren Shu and other sects promote Sanskrit and they practice "institutional racism."