The Buddhist "Soul Music Channel" is part of the new "Buddhist Revolution" in America started by Anthony "Amp" Elmore President and Founder of the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association."  The Lotus Sutra teaches that "Secular matters are the entirety of Buddhism."  Elmore a Nichiren Buddhist challenges the Asian "Cultural Domination" of Buddhist teachings in America.  Particularly Elmore notes that "Japanese Buddhist Propagation Methods in America is an assault on Black Culture" and it is clear that the Japanese Buddhist teachers cultural domination  is so intensive that Africans and African/American do not express their culture in the Buddhist teachings. The Buddhist "Soul Music" Channel is a place where Buddhist express there faith via music and culture.

Elmore notes that Asian Buddhist cultural domination borderlines "Racism."  Elmore who practiced Buddhism with the SGI and Nichiren Shoshu Sects departed  both sects in search of "Buddhist Equality."  Elmore attempted to join with the Nichiren Shu Buddhist Sect headed by Myokei Shonin the 1st African/American Female Priest in America.  When Elmore asked Nichiren Shu leaders about their "Policy regarding African and African American people Elmore was told that he was not welcome to come to the Memphis, Tennessee Nichiren Shu meetings.

In January of 2014 Elmore launched the Proud Black Buddhist World Association.  Elmore has been working fervently to build a "Cultural Foundation" that teaches Buddhism "Inclusive of African & African/American Culture and History.  The Memphis Nichiren Shu Representative Mr. Shaka Khalphani in a letter dated November 30, 2013 Mr. Khalphani writes: "your knowledge of Buddhism is at best very shallow." Elmore's response to Mr. Khalphani is "The way we teach Buddhism is with a Good Rhythm, the way we explain it, singing and dancing is a Universal Language."  Elmore's response is more than to Mr. Khalphani.  In 1968 when Dr. Martin Luther King was Killed, African/Americans were at a lost of words.  It was singer James Brown who wrote and recorded the song "Say it Loud I am Black and Proud." The most powerful and influential Black man in America was not the scholars, but the artist "James Brown."  In `969 Look magazine listed James Brown as the most powerful Black man in America.

Elmore notes that it will not be the scholars who bring Buddhism to the African and African/American Community it will be the Artist.  Elmore launched the "Buddhist Soul Channel" to provide a place where those who choose to express their Buddhist faith via music and culture will have an outlet. Those whose want to practice Buddhism "inclusive of African and African/American Culture and history can tune into the Buddhist Soul Music Channel.  If does not matter what Buddhist tradition you belong to we practice equality and your art comes first.

Anyone who has a Buddhist Song is encouraged to contact us and we will put your song on our channel.