In Buddhism there is a term or principle called turning of the wheels of the Law. The Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin, explains that the voice does the work of the Buddha. Of the 32 distinguishing features of the Buddha, this is the only one that the Devil king does not possess. This doctrine maybe be found in the Gosho, "the pure and far reaching voice" or " the enlightenment of trees and plants". When a Buddha pronounces a words, these words have reverence and force that is acknowledged by the spiritual realm in the form of the Buddhist Gods or deities obeying with strict obedience of these word.

On the Gohonzon is written that "No God in Heaven or on Earth shall worship this Gohonzon without the seal of Nichiren" paraphrased. When one considers the words relay on the Law and not persons, it specifically refers to common mortals. This does not apply to Buddhas since they are all one (Fused )with the Law. That means their words are the Law. The High Priest of Nichiren Shoshu is granted the sacred utterance by the previous High Priest, which is an act of Spiritual Law or the Buddhas divine work,i.e. turning the wheels of the Law. We also use our voice to activate our relationship with the Law through Gongyo and Daimoku. When you reference the Gosho, you must also understand that less than 30% of what the True Buddha has written is translated to English at this time and the number of Goshos that are in existence is reported to be around 500 or so! So if you state you can not find reference to a source there is good reason and your references are therefore incomplete in your statement of it not being in the Gosho anywhere that you know of.
Buddhahood is not a teaching, it is a reality experienced. The Hoben chapter is the theory of Enlightenment i.e. the principle is Ichinen Sanzen, but there is no other thing but actual proof, meaning attaining Buddhahood. The Daishonin explains that a Buddha is one who perceives the root of evil and the root of good to it's branches and leaves, paraphrased. It is kind of difficult to keep going back to a document to reference something that manifest in one life. Tasting something can not be referenced back to a book, it is the experience of the person's being. It would be impossible for you to live for example if you did not rely of anyone. There is a specific meaning to the Buddha's word, and if you are interpreting things from a English mind/ language you lose the original spiritual meaning that is contained in the language of origin. Many concepts in Sankrit, Chinese and African languages can not be properly understood if attempted to be translated to english, because English has a Christian origin. How can a person with a Christian mind or language understand or teach Buddhism which oringinates in Sankrit or Chinese?

Spritual teachings are transmitted through vibrations and characters, which do not change. English has the problem of the minds that created it. Therefore, we resite the Buddhas words in a language that carries the pure vibration and meaning, that the spiritual realm, Gods recognize, Gongyo. Kumurajiva proved that what he translated was pure because his tongue did not burn at his cremation. A spiritual sign appeared as brilliant light and a lotus flower supporting his tongue when he was reduced to ashes. Nichiren Daishonin, indicated that this was the significant reason he uses that translation of the Lotus Sutra, pronounce in Wu dynasty Chinese for our current version of Gongyo. This means the spiritual realm gave a specific indication that this was a correct transmission of the Buddha Shakyamuni's teachings among 100's of other translators who failed to transmit the spiritual essence of the Words or Law of the Buddha in what was being "Transmitted to another Language" Sorry you are limited on understanding these things, but they exist within Nichiren Daishonin's teachings clearly for all to see. I will go more into detail when I have time an the specific reference in front of me since you like to repost my words. I would like to have the reference to be accurate for future reference, since I can only give you paraphrases and quotes from memory now.

On Jan 17, 2014, at 1:09 AM,  our friend Mr. Alan Billups wrote the email below that we put in a Green background. This email that Alan wrote brings us concern. We hold Mr. Alan Billups on our website as a Nichiren Shoshu "Buddhist Scholar." The message that Alan sent us appears to be disingenuous. In Alan's 1st email to us he wrote;

Alan's original email was in relationship to our practicing to our "Digitalized Nichiren" prayer Gohonzon. This Gohonzon was issued the Second Year of Kenji in April of 1277. On this Gohonzon reads "Conferment Nissho, Sramana of the great sun country of Japan." Alan writes that to practice to this object is "planting a great seed to fall into hell." Alan apparently brings a "culture of ignorance in that he cannot produce any documentation to back this assertion."  

In response to Alan we wrote:  In the Gosho Nichiren Daishonin wrote about the issue of "Blind Faith." In the Gosho writings of Nichiren Daishonin he writes in the Gosho: Teachings, Practice and Proof: "The words of the various teachers are in themselves of no use at all. The Buddha gave strict counsel against following them with his statement in the Nirvana Sutra, "Rely on the Law and not upon persons"    We  clearly wrote to Alan what Nichiren Daishonin writes about the Gohonzon. Alan never upon never answered what Nichiren Daishonin writes about the Gohonzon.  Let us be clear Nichiren Daishonin made this the foundation of his Buddhism.  He writes about following the law and not persons many, many times in the Gosho.  Alan ignores what the Daishonin writes. Let us put what the Daishonin write back on the table of discussion and Alan must 1st answer what Nichiren Daishonin writes in the Gosho. Let us repost what we wrote to Alan and bring this issue back on the table.

This debate is not is not a pretty fight at all. Ms. Doris Mwanza who lives in Zambia in Southern Africa dispatched and email to Alan and I. I asked Doris to write Alan.  Those who know Anthony "Amp" Elmore know the love and respect that I have for Alan Billups.  Mr. Alan Billups has been the "pillar of strength" who has kelp us strong Black men associated with Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. My debating Mr. Alan Billups is like Larry Holmes getting into the ring with Muhammad Ali.  Larry Holmes loved Muhammad Ali and he did not want to hurt Ali.  The Muhammad Ali Larry Holmes fight was the last of Ali's career.  Ali took some blows that hurt him.  They threw in the towel on Ali.  In the email written below in the green background is from Mr. Alan Billups.  Alan appears to send some nonsense in that he does not back any of his assertions with Gosho. He foolishly asserts that he cannot provide Gosho because it had not been translated into English. Alan does not read Japanese so how can he make such a statement. While we cannot read Japanese American scholars like Dr. Jackie Stone a Buddhist professor at Princeton University can read Japanese and she writes extensively about Nichiren Buddhism challenges Alan's assertions. While the Gosho is not translated in English there are many who can read Japanese.
In the picture to the left is Anthony "Amp" Elmore at the Nichiren Shoshu Head Temple in Taisekiji Japan. Elmore is speaking about culture of racism and abuse in Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. The Priest in the White is Rev. Takahashi. Elmore got into a challenge with this Priest, Elmore called Rev. Takahashi a coward and he dared and begged this Priest to take the issue of equal rights and freedom just across the hall to the Nichiren Shoshu overseas bureau. In 2004 Nichiren Shoshu San Francisco Vice Kyoto leader Mr. Thomas Murray reported to Elmore that the Priest were talking about him at the "Head Temple."  Mr. Murray was upset in that Elmore was not there to defend himself.   What you have is Japanese men conspiring against a Black Man. Yet they wear Priest robes but they are still racist.
In the above picture is a Buddhist image from the Nichiren Shoshu Monthly magazine. Nichiren Shoshu teach a racist Buddhism that is inclusive or the racist "Hindu Buddhist" images. Anthony "Amp" Elmore has been vocal regarding racism in Buddhism for decades.  While Alan Billups is aware racism and inequality in Nichiren Shoshu Alan has chosen to ignore such things in the name of faith.  This Elmore/Billups debate is more than just about a Gohonzon this debate is about the "True Essence of Buddhism."  This debate is about Anthony "Amp" Elmore versus Nichiren Shoshu and not Anthony "Amp" Elmore versus Alan Billups.  Alan Billups is the absolute steward and idea Nichiren Shoshu model.  Anthony "Amp" Elmore holds that Buddhism is about equality and justice and Elmore not only protest the racism Elmore  refuse to bring other African Americans into the Nichiren Shoshu intitutionalized system of racism. Elmore's effort is to direct others to secular Nichiren Buddhism Gohonzons.

"If you practice to this object, will are planting a great seed to fall into hell. Spiritual law is very strict. There is no master guiding your life or actions at this time, which means your mind is now your master. There is no objective destination for you in this condition. The Nirvana Sutra states,"the impediment of all karma's is produced from ones false imagination."

Anthony Elmore later came to realize that the Nichiren Shoshu Priest applied a clever systematic"institutional form of discrimination" against him.  The Nichiren Shoshu Priest conspired together to apply a religious isolation  via ostracising Elmore for over a decade. One example of the Priest shunning Elmore was not visiting Elmore in over a decade.  The Priest would make visits to Memphis and purposefully not inform Elmore. Elmore kelp document records of the Nichiren Shoshu Priest actions.  Elmore posted his concern on his Buddhist Website. What is more important is the fact that Nichiren Shoshu Priest discriminate against Black people. Please click here to see the video: "Japanese Propagation methods are an Assault on Black Culture." The reason that Anthony Elmore departed Nichiren Shoshu was because of their racism. Alan Billups writes that there is no guiding master in my life.  Mr. Alan Billups fails to note that the Buddhist guiding master is the "Lotus Sutra." The key to Buddhahood is not embracing a Nichiren Shoshu Priest; connection to the Buddha is the "Lotus Sutra."

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Let us be very, very, very clear how Nichiren Daishonin shuts down Alan Billups in the Gosho. Nichiren Daishonin writes that the Gohonzon exist only in the "Mortal Flesh" of us ordinary people who "embrace the "Lotus Sutra" and Chant Namu Myoho Renge Kyo.  The absolute way to the Gohonzon is "embracing the Lotus Sutra."  Alan can talk about a "Dai Gohonzon" and a High Priest seal.  Nichiren Daishonin writes in the Gosho "The Real Aspect of the Gohonzon" Nichiren Daishonin is clear about the "Lotus Sutra" and "Namu Myoho Renge Kyo." The Gohonzon is only found in the "Lotus Sutra."  Mr. Alan Billups listen very, very, very, very close. The physical object that we chant to is not the Gohonzon. When we introduce people to the Gohonzon  we teach that  "embracing the Lotus Sutra" is the Gohonzon. The physical object is just a point of focus. We repeat "embracing the Lotus Sutra is where you find Gohonzon.

Please read below the things that Mr. Alan Billups writes highlighted in the green background.  We at the Proud Black Buddhist website makes this debate very easy. Nichiren Daishonin writes in the Gosho "The Real Aspect of the Gohonzon" that "the Gohonzon exists only in the mortal flesh of us ordinary people who embrace the Lotus Sutra and Chant Namu Myoho Renge Kyo."  The Nichiren seal or the Nichiren Shoshu High Priest  voice has nothing to do with the Gohonzon.  The Gohonzon exists only within the mortal flesh of ordinary people who embrace the Lotus Sutra and Chant Namu Myoho Renge Kyo. Alan is this true or false?  Please not try to bamboozle us with a lot of semantics. Nichiren Daishonin mentions the Gohonzon being with ordinary people and not the high Priest.