First Lady Michelle Obama sits in Church with her daughters Malia and Sasha. Malia wears a style similar to locks but this is a twist and this is a traditional African hair style worn Thousands of years ago in Africa.

Nichiren Daishonin Writes in the Gosho "The Entity of the Mystic law"
The Great Teacher Miao-lo comments on this as follows:  "The True aspect invariably manifests in all phenomena, and all phenomena invariably manifest in the ten factors.  The ten factors invariably manifest in the Ten Worlds, and the Ten Worlds invariably manifest in life and its environment.
We explained how the phenomena of "Good Hair" made its appearance first in India with the caste system.  Later via slavery in America we explained how slaves lost their culture all of their hair was cut and later Blacks in America created a system on processing and straighting the hair.  Later we show how Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia  modernized Ethiopia and brought Ethiopia into the 20th century. In 2009 we see a new aspect of the phenomena as Malia Obama the daughter of the President of the United States of America bring the Aspect of African or Coarse hair to the Whitehouse. Buddhism explains the ten Aspects 1. Appearance  2. Nature   3. Entity.......   4. Power             5. Influence  6. Inherent cause  7.  Relation   8.  Latent Effect   9. Manifest Effect 
The Buddhist Teachings state the law that all phenomena manifest its true nature
Since the time of Slavery in America African/American Children have desired to straighten their hair and this process has taken place in America for over 100 years.  On the other hand people of African decent have worn their hair in its natural state with braids for thousands of years.  With the election of Barack Obama as the first African/American President of the United States of America the nature of the phenomena of "Good Hair" manifested a new 1. Appearance  2. Nature  3. Entity because Malia Obama is the daughter of the most powerful man in the world when she made the 1. Appearance with African style hair  2. the Nature  of the hair and the 3. Entity of the hair takes own 4. a New Power that creates 5. an Influence  6. that has an Internal cause that is latent that produced an effect as the same quality as itself, i.e. if she feels good or bad about her hair whatever the case it will manifest an internal cause that will cause 7. A relationship or an indirect cause to the internal cause. Indirect causes both internal and external help internal causes to product an effect.  We call such an effect Karma and it is a 8. Latent effect when an internal cause is activated through it relationship to various conditions, her father is an African/American President with a strong African heritage as well as her mother who is Black and Proud, the daughter Malia has a strong identity and background of her history and she has the option to "Straighten" Her hair or wear Natural braids.   The fact that Malia is wearing braids is a 9. Manifest effect that is 10. consistent from the start to finish.  So from the times of the fighting in India thousands of years ago and the Aryan conquering the Blacks in India, from the battles and hardship of slavery and Jim Crow law a Black girl who father made it to while house manifested her true Nature as you see in many girls in Ethiopia who look 100% like Malia wearing Braids as in Ethiopia but this phenomena manifest itself in America.  This is the law of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.
The idea of Malia Obama choosing and African hair styled is explained via the Buddhist concept of Ichinin Sanzen or 3000 worlds in a single moment of existence. This seemly minor change will effect the destiny of a people.
Malia and Sasha on the way to school and not under the pressure of many African/American girls who are more worried about their hair than their education.

We stated earlier that Buddhism teaches that all phenomena manifest its true nature and we hold that the peace symbol on Malia's represent her thoughts on nuclear peace as much as the African style hair represents a conscious effort of cultural pride and self respect.

Malia and Sasha walk with the Grandmother in the rear. In this photo Malia has a traditional African Corn Roll hair style.
Daddy Comander in Chief Barack Obama plays with his little girls
President Obama hugs Malia as she wears her earlier corn roll hair style .
President Obama hugs Malia at an event.
In this picture at Martha's Vineyard the President stops at a local store to purchase treats for his daughter. Notice the color of Malia's hair, we think the sun bleached the color as opposed to her changing the color from Black to a reddish brown.  You will find exact photo types of Malia and Shasha in Ethiopia.
To prove my point about Karma and relationships; if you put the President daughters Malia and Sasha among Ethiopian girls they would get lost in the crowd because the girls look 100% Ethiopian. This is a picture off an Ethiopian Website.  Look at the girl on the upper left, she looks exactly like Milia and the girl on the bottom left fouth right looks like Sasha.  Any face of any African/American you can come up with, you will find in Ethiopia. The man in the center looks like Leon in the Five Heart Beats, I would guess that this is Leon.