How to do Buddhist Meditation
By Anthony "Amp" Elmore Sr.
Hello I am Anthony "Amp" Elmore I live in Memphis, Tennessee at the time of this writing I have reached the milestone of being a Nichiren Buddhist for 40 years. I will share with beginners in Buddhism how to do Buddhist Meditation.  Contrary to popular belief meditation  is not always silent.  There is what is called passive meditation and there is active meditation.  The Buddhist religion always adapts itself to a local law and custom.  The historical Buddha Shakymuni Buddha practice in India.  The people of India were different from the people in China.  We Buddhism came to China it was more active.  Remember all of those "Kung-Fu movies" Where you see the Shaolin Buddhist Monks.  If you are mid age you make remember the hit television series  called "Kung-Fu."
"The eighth volume of the Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Law states that one who accepts and upholds the mere name of the Lotus Sutra will enjoy immeasurable good fortune. The Lotus Sutra of the Correct Law says that, if one hears this sutra and proclaims and embraces its title, one will enjoy merit beyond measure. And the Supplemented Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Law says that one who accepts and upholds the name of the Lotus Sutra will enjoy immeasurable good fortune. These statements indicate that the good fortune one receives from simply chanting the daimoku is beyond measure."
Please note that the Buddhism traveled from India to China to Korea to Japan.  Different forms of Buddhist landed in parts of Asia.  In 1253 a Buddhist Monk who changed his name to Nichiren figured it all out.  He was enlighten to the point that the essence of all of Shakymuni Buddha's teachings  was in the "Lotus Sutra."  He also noted that the entirely of the "Lotus Sutra" was its Title.  Nichiren taught a new way of "Meditation."  His way of meditation was reciting the "Title of the Lotus Sutra."
In one of our earlier writing we explained that practicing  means to Study. We do not just want you to chant we want you to understand why you chant. Whatever problem that you might be facing chanting the "Lotus Sutra" will bring you "Good Fortune."  Let us read exactly what Nichiren Daishonin writes about chanting the title of the Lotus Sutra. In the Gosho "The Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra Nichiren writes:
The meditation for a modern day America is Chanting  Namu Myoho Renge Kyo.  Please note that Chanting is an active form of meditation designed for a 21st Century America and the world. We at the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association" will introduce chanting in an African and African American cultural  paradigm. What this means is; you can dance while signing the Odaimoku.  We will be introducing chanting rap style, R&B Style, Church Style and the James Brown Style.  We will make chanting fun and cultural will be your 21st Century meditation.