Buddhism The Religion Of Black People  Emerged In India
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Battles for supremacy of the Indus Valley took place for over 1000 years by 800 B.C.E. Aryans (White People) had conquered Pakistan and all of Northern India and name it after themselves Aryavarta (Aryan Land). This is when the whites started the caste system against the Blacks (Sudras) untouchables. Social reactions emerged in India in the form of religions notably the Jainism and Buddhism. One time period that is important for Buddhist to learn about is the Nanda Dynasty of fourth century B.C. that was of Black origin. A Black King by the name of Madhapadma was credited to stopping Alexander's eastern advance with an Army of 80,000, horses, 200,000 foot soldiers, 800 chariots and 6000 elephants. The center of his dynasty was Magadha in what is not East Indian state of Bihar which was then and now dominated by Black people. #Note that Mahavira Jain's founder was born in Bihar in 599 B.C.E. during the time of Shakyamuni. Shakyamuni not only traveled to Bihar but attained enlightenment there.

The Nadas were succeeded by Mauryan Dynasty which was also of Black origin. The dynasty's founder Chandragupta Maurya stepped in and conquered the Nanda forces when Alexander withdrew. The Mauryas ruled what was at that time the largest empire in the world. Chandragta was succeeded by his son Bindusara around 300 B.C. E.. Bindusara was succeeded by his son , Ashoka one of the great kings in India's long history. It was Buddhism under Black King Ashoka that spread Buddhist teaching through out Asia and as far as Europe.