To Learn Of A Black Buddhist Past You
 Must Go Back To Ancient Times
These are photographs of Modern Black People In Southern India
The Indus Valley civilization is a Black civilization that dates back to the time of the pyramids 6000 to 7000 B.C.E.. British historian Geoffrey Higgins write in his classic book the "Anacalypsis" that  there were two Ethiopia one East of the Red Sea and one west of the Red Sea. The Indus Valley  civilization could rival Egypt. The cities were laid out like Manhattan in New York muti-story  buildings, inside trash shut, and inside toilets. The ethnic make up of India can be traced to ancient  times. Aryans (white people) invaded India 1500 B.C.E. and the Oldest Aryan document (Rig Veda)  tells of the battles of Blacks (indigenous people) and white (Aryan Invaders). Battles between Black  and whites in the Indus Valley lasted for over 1000 years. Eventually white (Aryans) defeated the  Black people and instituted the worst inhumanity to man in human history in the form of a caste  system. Black people under the caste system were worst that animals hated like a rat or snake.  Under the castes systems Blacks had to were a cup to catch spit, for his spit was polluting. He could  com in white neighbor hood only at night for his shadow was polluting. He had to tie a broom on his  butt to cover his tracks for crossing his tracks was forbidden. The outcast (Blacks has to clean  corpse and wear clothes of the dead and eat only from broken plates. The women were regulated to  prostitutes. The racist system was tied into the Brahmin religion disguised as Hinduism. In between  the wars and the start of Brahminism enters the Black Buddha. The Buddha fought racism and we call the Buddha the Black first revolutionary Hero.  Historically he was the first Black person to fight racism.
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