Introduction To A Black Buddhist Past
By Anthony "Amp" Elmore Sr.
Black Buddha From Ancient Temple Nara, Japan

In 749 in the Ancient capital in Nara Japan you will find the largest and the most Ancient Buddhist statue in Japan. This statue was built by the Koreans who were paying honor to the Japanese who ruled them. The Koreans built this Buddha Statue and this statue is that of a Black Buddha. It is no question about the ethnicity of this Ancient Buddha in Nara Japan. It is incredulous to many to learn that once there were Ancient kingdoms ruled by African people. It is evident and clear by archeological evident that the 1st recorded Buddha Shakyamuni was a man of African decent. It is amazing that people look at this with disbelief and ask me to ask a Priest if Shakyamuni Buddha was Black. It does not take a rocket scientist to look at the historical facts and realize that there was a Black Buddhist past. The place to learn of a Black Buddhist past is from a Black Buddhist Website.

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