Isaac Hayes and wife Adjowa Hayes with Nana Kwadjo Hayes

Buddhism teaches us that all relationships are Karmic and people we meet in this life we have met them before in a past life. When Issac Hayes made Hot Buttered Soul and Shaft Adjowa was not born.  However many years later they meet in Africa thousands of miles away and bring a Child into this world and soon afterwards Issac exits this world
The spiritual relationship of  one Buddhist who is in the spiritual Family of Isaac Hayes

The day that I learned that Isaac Hayes had passed I realized even more deeper that I was connected with Isaac from a past life.  The sign that solidified our connection was the karmic tie of my being associated with Isaac Hayes via our Congressman Steve Cohen and the fact that there were many large billboards in Memphis connecting us together.  At the memorial celebration I was connected even further with Isaac Hayes.  When we entered the Church they had a V.I.P. reception area and it was as if my entire life was in the room closer to me than my actual "Blood Relatives." We all during the time of Shaft loved actor Richard Rountree who was at the memorial celebration among others who I had come to know over the years.  The day before Isaac had a private ceremony and it was reported that Denzel Washington

We were walking to the hall and I caught up with the noted "Rev. Al Sharpton" I introduced myself to Al and I told him that I was the only man who loved James Brown more than him. Al told me that he would have to give me a run for my money on that one. The other man who was with the Rev. Al was Wayne Bobbit and he told me that he would be the one who would win that race.  Wayne Bobbit was the long time friend and manager of James Brown.

Before the event started I walked up to renouned bass player Bootsy Collins who was a great artist in his own right but it was Bootsy who played the Bass Guitar of James Brown song "Say it Loud I Black and I am Proud."  Bootsy and I once had the same agent and we talked about the agent who name was Bill Waller.  More importantly Bootsy was connected to my Hero James Brown.

On this Picture with me is Al Bell who was the President of Stax Records who explained at the event how he came up with the name of Isaac's album "Hot Buttered Soul."
On this picture is the renown Maurice White who started the group "Earth Wind and Fire" Maurice and David Porter went to Washington High School in Memphis. We are connected in that I have a family member who is a family member to Maurice.
This is a picture of me and Booker T. Jones of the famed Stax group Booker T. and the M. G.'s
There was Rap Arist Chucky D in the Black Hat who we took a photograph with.  How much am I connected with Chucky D
Picture with Little "G" who performed at the celebration for Isaac Hayes
Anthony & Issac Hayes Daugher Veronica Hayes who lookis like the spitting image of Isaac Hayes. Isaac  had 11 children 14 great children and 4 Great Grand Children
Speaking of Karma and Destiny the Gentleman in the White Jacket is James Alexander who was an original member of the Memphis group the Barkays.  The Barkays was the back up group for Soul Singer Otis Redding. Otis Redding private plane went down and all the Barkays died except Ben who survived the plane crash. James survived because he took a commercial flight. The white man in the hat is my friend African drummer Timothy Mckay in the brown is my wife Bogalech and in the jeans is the wife of James.
The gentleman with the White Beard is Mr. Marvell Thomas who is the son of legendary Memphis singer Rufus Thomas.  Marvell was the producer  and piano player on Isaac Hayes Hot Buttered Soul Album.  During one of my Kickboxing bouts Marvell accompanied Grammy award nominee Joyce Kennedy on the piano.
We conclude our lecture on Isaac Hayes death and a Buddhist reflection on life, living and a Buddhist way of life. We Buddhist Chant Nam Myoho Renge kyo to an object of Worship called a Gohonzon.  We view death as a function of life in that life passes thought the phases of life and death.  The Gosho teaches that chanting gives you happiness in this life and good circumstances in our next life. We pray that we have given you some insight into the Buddhist Teachings of Nichiren Shoshu.