We are writing a letter to Nichiren Shoshu 68th High Priest Nichinyo Shonin
This is a video Picture of our beloved Nichiren Shoshu 68th High Priest Nichinyo Shonin.  I had the pleasure to meet our current high Priest in Japan prior to him becoming our 68th High Priest.  I took this Video 14 years ago during my first visit to Tokyo, Japan at his Temple.  I remember this Priest as a warm and compassionate man and he left words with me that helped to make my faith strong in Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. One of my greatest experiences in my life was my good fortune to visit the Nichiren Shoshu Temple in Taisekiji, Japan.  People from all over the world visit our head temple and I have visited the head temple of three occassions and I had the most wonderful treatment and my experience is documented on our website www.mybuddhistdiary.com.  What I experienced at temples in Africa and Japan are not the same in America.  Nichiren Daishonin writes that the Buddhist practice can only be successful with there is harmony between the Priest and the Laity.   Please Click on the picture of Anthony Elmore to read the letter and click on the Picture of High Priest Nichinyo Shonin to view our 1996 Video.
Click here on my Picture to read my November 24, 2009 letter to our High Priest Nichinyo Shonin.  Click on his picture to view the video of him I recorded in 1996.
This is a picture of the oldest and largest wooden Buddhist statue in Japan.  The ancient Buddhist were Black people and all of the old icons proves this fact.  Please note Nichiren Shoshu Priest do not know or they are not interested in a Black Buddhist past.  This is what excites young Black people in America and encourage them to learn Buddhism.  Buddhism is not a foreign or esoteric religion  the way it is taught at our Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Temples in America.  Buddhism is exciting and I looked on You Tube and I found other scholars researching our Black History.  There is a Black Buddhist history and our Nichiren Shoshu Priest had better be ready to ask questions because if Anthony Elmore has anything to do with it Black people will learn Buddhism.  Let us learn the Gosho and writing of Nichiren Daishonin.  Nichiren Daishonin writes that we must put faith in the law and not the Person.  Whatever happens we are also encouraged to give support to the Priest.  Let us be more knowledgeable and better trained. This way you can become strong in your faith.  Click on the Picture above and learn more about the Black Buddha.
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The oldest icons of the Buddha worldwide shows the Buddha as a Blackman. The minute you ask a White, Japanese, Chinese about this hidden history you will get an earful. Black SGI and Nichiren Shoshu members are afraid to ask Japanese about the Black Buddha. click on picture