How Mr. Joseph Asomani can help Nichiren Shoshu Advance to the 21th Century
This is a picture of Joseph Asomani the former NSG or Nichiren Shoshu of Ghana or SGI General Director in 1975 at the IBL or International Buddhist League conference in Guam in January of 1975. Mr. Asoman is better trained to propagate Buddhism in America that any Priest Japan can offer.
Seated at the 1975 IBL conference in Guam was African representatives from Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. Mr. Asomani is seated in the center. What happen to the Kenyan and Nigerian leaders? This was 35 years ago and Mr. Asomani has lived to see Ghana get a temple.  Nichiren Shoshu temple if it expects to have worldwide propagation should act beyond reproach and treat lay leaders with fairness and move to the next phase.  The Proud Black Buddhist Website has asked our 68 high Priest Nichimyo Shonin to come to Ghana an make a special prayer for all of our African ancestors who died as slaves during the passage from Africa to America.  Mr. Asomani and the high Priest should join together with African/Americans this would be an International event for a Buddhist High Priest to move outside of Japan and perform such an important task.

At the time of this writing  December 20, 2009 Nichiren Shoshu is installing a new Priest in Ghana and they spent money to bring a Priest from the United States from the San Francisco Temple to participate in the ceremony. We hold that Nichiren Shoshu Temple "threw Mr. Asomanii under the bus." While these Japanese Priest believe what they are doing is fair we hold what they are doing is racist.  Mr. Asomanii can be a great asset to the Nichiren Shoshu Temple.  Mr. Asomani is the first African to practice Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism.  Mr. Asomani is the longest practicing, the most respected, the most knowledgeable, and is the most loyal Nichiren Shoshu Black Buddhist in the world.  Mr. Asomani has traveled to many countries and he is even respected in the United States. Mr. Asomani was the Buddhist leader of an entire country.  American love a story of a hero and Mr. Asoman is responsible for Nichiren Shoshu having a temple in Ghana.  Mr. Asoman is a real loved and respected "African Chief" born from a royal African family.  Mr. Asomani story can be told in America and he can be a great spokes person who can motivate others to practice Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism.

This is video Mr. Asoman in Ghana celebrating with Nichiren Shoshu Priest in February of 1998. The Priest know Mr. Asomani he is a great Buddhist teacher, he is an English speaker and he would be a great inspiration to Americans and he would be a media darling in America. Mr. Asomani can writes books and lecture at colleges about Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism.  Nichiren Shoshu must move into mainstream America before the religion can be respected.  Having policies that exclude non Priest does not fair well in America.  click on picture to see video.
Everyone cannot be born a Nichiren Shoshu Priest but Mr. Asomani's dedication is no less than any Priest and he has demonstrated his dedication in Ghana.  Click on the picture to see Mr. Asomani speak at the opening ceremony of the temple in Ghana.  Mr. Asomani is the man understands Africa and Mr. Asomani can introduce Buddhism to other African countries. Mr. Asomani in a 1998 interview that Africa is for Africans and it will be an African who will introduce Buddhism to other African countries. Mr. Asomani be Nichiren Shoshu's first African "Lay Priest."
Mr. Asomani presenting a gift to Nichiren Overseas Director Rev. Obyashi who visited Ghana from Japan.
If you ever have the occasion to travel to Ghana and Mr. Asomani takes the Mike the first words will be "More Chanting"
Mr. Asomani in Ghana wearing his traditional Ghana Attire. Mr. Asomani is a real traditional African Chief in Ghana.