Japanese Are Racist: A Lecture on Racism in Buddhism in America 

Japanese Prime Minister Yashurio Nakasone insulted Black people in  click on picture and read Black Enterprise article in 1986.
American President Barack Obama in Japan in November 2009. While a Black man can become the most powerful and well known man on planet earth no Black man has ever achieved a respected position in Buddhist Religious Ranks in the SGI or Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist organizations. Although Black people have been members of the religious sects for over 50 years there is not one recognized Black Buddhist scholar or Nichiren Shoshu leader to emerge from these organizations. These religious sects do not engage in scholarship and there is a twisted history being taught that is not objective.  We hold that racism has prevented  Black scholars from emerging from  these organizations. Black scholars will not accept a twisted history. Nichiren Shoshu does not have anyone on the lecture circuit nor do they allow its lay members to officially lecture on Buddhism. When I was an SGI member I read a book written by Daisaku Ikeda who wrote that the Buddha was an Aryan. Rev. Kuwabe told me that he thought the Buddha was Aryan.  When it comes to the history of Buddhism Japanese are teaching a sanitized version of Buddhism that racially omits the Black history out of Buddhism.  Buddhism is Black history and its history begins with the Black Naga people. The Japanese version is like American history that purposefully omitted the contributions of Black people out of history.  This is why we have Black history month in America.
Anthony "Amp" Elmore challenges Racism from Japanese  Buddhist in Japan

This past November 2009 American President Barack Obama visited Japan and Asian countries. As a "Proud Black Buddhist" I was extremely proud to see not only our American President visit Japan, but the fact that Japanese people had to give respect to a Black man from America made me feel very proud in light of the disregard and disrespect Japanese have for Black people. In my life I was a five time World Karate/Kickboxing champion and I begin my formal training in Martial arts in a system called "Old Japanese Shotokan Karate "in 1970. As a Black youth growing up in America I have always been fascinated with Oriental culture. When I joined the SGI Buddhist organization I would go to cultural festivals where they totally omitted Black contributions and no Black people was on their executive boards or paid staff. In America I found the system set up by Nichiren Shoshu Priest just as racially discriminating.  The Nichiren Shoshu Priest set up a Japanese hierachy system that place Black people in a subordinate position dominated by Japanese culture that inhibits the growth and development of Black people.  Black people inside the Nichiren Shoshu system are stagnated by a lack of thought, creativity and they are not free to express their highest potential within this religious body. A Barack Obama could never emerge from any racist Japanese system because it is too inhibited and culturally dominated by Japanese. I find that people act like children having to ask permission to express their culture.
 In 1986  Japanese Prime Minister Yashurio Nakasone described Japan as a "highly educated and fairly intelligent Society"…. Much more so than America because "Black people, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans and he blamed on the low literacy rate in the United States on Black people who do not know their letters. Blatant racism came for the mouth of the Japanese Prime minister and we are sure that this is the consensus of many Japanese people in 2010." Black people in America were upset by the Japanese Prime Minister's remarks and The Congressional Black Caucus placed an add in 1986 in the New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times and the headline read; "Arrogance or Ignorance." The Japanese Prime Minister did not realize that the combined income of African/Americans totals over 300 billions dollars a year and many of those billions are spent by African/Americans who purchase Japanese products. Black people threaten to stop purchasing Japanese products, the American State department got involved and Black leader   Jesse Jackson negotiated with Japanese business people to include Blacks in their advertisements. The Japanese prime minister apologized to Black people. Although Japanese companies got the message to include Black people in advertisements, religious organizations like the SGI and Nichiren Shoshu have regulated Black people to inferior positions in the Buddhist religion. While you will find world known Black spokes persons from the Christian and Islamic faiths the Nichiren Shoshu and SGI has not produced a Black leader or spokes person.  Both of these religionous organizations discourage free thinking, independence and creativity.  Black people are not a part of any major decision making process of these religions in America and we call this "RACISIM." How can you become a leader if you are not given the opportunity to lead?
These are some of the many negative images of Black people that you will find in Japan. Many Japanese do not realize that these are negative and offensive images. The same Priest who come to America to represent Nichiren Shoshu have these same images in their minds and they have not taken diversity training.
In 1986 when the Japanese Prime minister made such a remark I as a practicing Black Buddhist who had chosen SGI leader Daisaku Ikeda as my Buddhist master and teacher, I was heart-broken when our beloved Soka Gakkai President Daisaku Ikeda remained silent on such a racist action by the Japanese Prime minister. Daisaku Ikeda was the most powerful man in Japan and When Daisaku Ikeda did not comment on the matter I then begin to have doubts about the sincerity of Daisaku Ikeda as one who is for fairness and justice. While Martin Luther King was getting his head beat, dogs sicked on him in America, while Nelson Mandela was rottening in prison Daisaku IKeda never made one comment against injustices in America or in  South Africa, during those day he had racism in his organization where they had cultural festivals that failed to note Black achievements in America.  Later Daisaku Ikeda spent millions trying to make himself look good by associating himself with Ghandi and King and he had the nerve to honor Mandela after he got out of jail.  In India there are 200 million Black people called Dalits are being oppressed as slaves and Daisaku Ikeda joined his SGI organization in India with the Brahmins or racist.

Please note; it is not just Daisaku Ikeda who is racist and prejudice many of the Japanese Priest who come to America are just as "Arrogant and Ignorant" when it comes to Black people, Buddhism and America.  Racism exit right in our Nichiren Shoshu Temples in America today. I saw a functioning Black Buddhist organizations and groups learning and enjoying Buddhism only to have both SGI leaders and Nichiren Shoshu break up functioning organizations in the name of putting the organizations under a Japanese strict authoritative system.  What I see in Memphis, Tennessee is a racist Japanese Buddhist system that is void of Black culture. Black people should have the courage to revolt and stand up to Japanese systems that neglect and omit Black culture.

Daisaku Ikeda President of the powerful SGI Buddhist Sect. This Japanese man made himself a "Living God"and he placed this erotic picture of himself in front to our Buddhist object of worship.  This man has spent over one Billion dollars in America trying to promote himself, if you do a Google search there is not one independent positive news story written about Daisaku Ikeda.  Black Buddhist in America worship this man. I tried to warn Black People about this man click on the Pictures to read stories about this man.
I departed the SGI Buddhist sect in 1991 because of Racism. They had an organization that did not have Black men on their executive staff and for years they had cultural festivals that I considered racist because they failed to include the contributions of Black people at these festivals.   Daisaku Ikeda lectured about people in history and his lectures omitted Black people. Daisaku Ikeda wrote that Shakymuni Buddha was Aryan while history shows otherwise. We started the Proud Black Buddhist website to challenge Black SGI members to  confront Racism. Please click on the button below to read our many years of challenges with our SGI family.
Racism is the greatest inhibitor of the growth Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism in America. Black people who practice Buddhism ask yourself this question; how is it that a Black man like Barack Obama can become the most noted man in history of human civilization? How can a Black man like Michael Jackson become the most noted and respected singer in the history of mankind? How is it that Black men like Tiger Woods become the best golfer in the world? Think about great Black people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela. Once upon a time Boxer Muhammad Ali was the most noted human on planet earth. Think about how a Black woman like Oprah Winfrey in one generation became a billionaire or look at Bill Cosby or Michael Jordan. The lists of achievements of Black people especially in America go on and on.
In America a Black people are Mayors, Congress people, Governors, Senators. Even in religious circles there are respected Black denominations. In 1787 James Allen with Absalom Jones organized the Free African Society in Philadelphia. Allen founded the all-black Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1791, after Jones and he left St. George's over its segregationist practice of relegating black members to the church balcony during worship services. Over time, growing numbers of African-Americans formed their own congregations. In 1816, representatives of these congregations joined to form the African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E. church), with Allen as the first bishop.
In 1974 I became a Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist and I learned the most profound teachings religious teachings in the history of mankind. In the course of my life I experience Black people in America practicing this religion and I have been with Black people in Africa practicing this religion. The one reality that I have been reluctant to realize is the fact and reality of "RACISM IN NICHIREN SHOSHU BUDDHISM." I will expose how some Nichiren Shoshu Priests have been racist towards me.  Rev. Shingi Iwaki of the Myogyoji Temple in Chicago represent the classic case of Racist Japanese Buddhist Priest who is insensitive to Black people in America.
Click here to see a racist Japanes video of President Obama as a Monkey this could not happen in America.
The "True Buddha Nichiren Daishonin writes: Excert yourself in the two ways of Practice and Study without Practice and Study there can be no Buddhism.                  
Daisaku Ikeda used his billions to influence Lawerence Carter to get Daisaku Ikeda's picture into Moorhouse College.  The SGI spent millions to promote an exihbition of Ghandi, King and Ikeda click on picture to see Video
Click on this picture to see how Daisaku Ikeda was worshiped
In America many Black Nichiren Shoshu members have an illusion and many misconceptions regarding Japanese Priest.  A dangerous precedent of Priest worship has taken place in America where many Black people think Priest are "Gods." When I was in Japan in 2001 Tony a Black leader in New York told me that "any information" that was not from the Priest  was not real."   Many Black SGI members treat Japanese leader Daisaku Ikeda as a "Living Buddha,"also many Black Nichiren Shoshu members treat Priest as Gods. The most ignorant and arogant practice performed by Japanese is the illusion that they know how to propogate Buddhism in America or to the Black community.  Black people are not going to trust and follow any Japanese leader althought they may be a Buddhist Priest. It is common sense if the religion is good then you will produce good Black people who can teach the religion. Black people are capable of  teaching Buddhism to Black people, however in order to teach Buddhism in a way that is more attractive to Black people  Buddhism should include  the Black history that has been racially written out of historical Buddhist teachings.  When Buddhism arrived in Japan around 750 a.d. the historical icons showed an African presence. The large Buddha statue in Japan's ancient capital of Nara Japan clearly shows the Africa features of the Buddha.  The history of Buddhism in India was a religion that was started and practiced by the "Africans of Asia" and the teaching spread all over Asia, but was destroyed in India by the racist Brahmin Priest.    Time and institutional racism delected Black people from Asian history. Many Black Americans  who are educated people will not tolerate  the institutional Japanese racist practice of omitting Black people out of Buddhist history, nor will intelligent people practice Buddhism as long as Japanese discriminate.
In common sense terms we must educate ourselves to be good Buddhist

Let us use simple lessons in Black History to Challenge the Japanese Arrogance

The First human was born in Africa in Ethiopia.  Ethiopia is the only African country that has never been colonized and they have their original language called Geeze one of the oldest languages in the world.  Please note that the old name for India was Eastern Ethiopia and the first inhabitants in India were Black people called Nagas. The Naga people are written about in the ancient vedas.  The language of Sanskrit spoken by the Aryans or Brahmins in India is actually the "Geeze language" spoken by the religious Priest in Ethiopia today.  Geeze was around 200 years before Sanskrit.. The Japanese do not tell Black people that the Ganges River in India was named after an Ethiopian General Ganges and the fact that India was a colony of Ethiopia. Japanese Priest only tell the Japanese side of history.

This brother is Dr. Clyde Winters and educator in Chicago where Buddhist Priest Rev. Shingi Iwaki is our Chief Priest. Nichiren Daishonin writes in the Gosho many things about Black history in Buddhism that are not discussed. During the time on the Mongol invasion in Japan those Mongol were Black Dravidians. Many of these Priest do not know true history and many are too arrogant to learn or discuss it. The Gosho of Nichiren Daishonin has a lot of Black history, but racism does not allow Black people to learn this history. Click on this picture to learn about Sanskrit. Dr. Winter is wearing an Olmec Helmet worn by Black soldiers who came to North America a thousand years before Columbus.

The Mongols who Nichiren Daishonin talks about in the Gosho were Black Dravidians.  Japanese Priest do not teach type of history in Buddhism. When Buddhism is explained in cultural terms it is more exciting.  Young Black sholars will emerge to teach Buddhist history. click on picture to learn more.

In the Gosho "Three Tripitaka masters pray for rain Nichiren Daishonin writes "These non-Buddhist teachings came about through a mistaken reading of the various sutras of the Buddhas who preceded Shakyamuni Buddha." The Black Ancient Egyptians practiced Buddhism as the Daishonin writes that there were Buddhas before Shayamuni. British Historian Godfrey Higgins talk about this in the book the Analacypsis. Nichiren Shoshu Priests teach a sanitized version of  history  only from a Japanese prospective. If Black people  step outside of the Japanese version of Buddhist history you will find it to be more dynamic and interesting.

Nichiren Daishonin was born in Japan in the Japanese people have the heritage of the law of Buddhism that came from Africa to India and the teachings of True Buddhism ended with Nichiren Daishonin.  The Gosho or writings of Nichiren Daishonin is very clear and correct.  It is no mere accident that a Nichiren Shoshu Temple experienced a fire during one of its most auspicious ceremonies.  This Priest worship and racism is despicable  in America.  It will be Black scholars who will challenge many of these racist Japanese.  Black history of Buddhism is emerging all over the Internet and Black people will know this Buddhism and not allow such ignorance and dumbming down of Buddhism.  66th High Priest Nittasu Shonin warned young Priest and lay members  to study hard and even learn Buddhism even  if is from other sects.  Daisaku Ikeda kelp people dumb because they did not study.  Many people rely only on the Priest and they do not study Buddhism.  Also the Priest are  negligent for their failure to teach "hard hitting" Buddhism and they are keeping members dumb by limiting or controlling study or using censorship.  Nichiren Shoshu and the SGI are both  suffering for a lack of  new membership in America.

The idea of a lack of study and dumbing down is not what our 66th High Priest Nittasu Shonin wrote. He encoraged Priest and laity alike to study.  Racism prevents Priest from learning more . Click on picture
Please click on picture to read about the history of Ethiopia to help counter the Japanese racism.  Black history can assist in fighting against racism. Knowledge is power.
Time Magazine writes about Little Black Sambo in Japan's racism.
Click on this picture to read a blog about Black Sambo images.
 Malcolm X 's spirit influenced this site.

President Obama's visit to Asia sparks discussion on racism in China

Nichiren Shoshu Monthly July 2001
Buddhism for
Young People
The Heavenly Garland
from Myokyo #89, pgs.28-31
The racist Hindu or Brahmin Priest in India in a scheme to control people with their racist cast system incorporated the Buddha into the Hindu Religion as an Avartar in the Hindu Patheon. All ancient icons show the Buddha as a Black man with the African locks or the corn roll hair styles of Africa. This image of the Buddha in Japan as a White or Aryan is the type of institutional racism that is in Japan. Documented evidence of historical Buddha Shakyamuni can dispel such images as racist and as a misrepresentation of the historical Buddha in India. Buddha was not ever a true part of Hinduism.
The Black & White picture on the left is a picture I complained about on our website in 2001.  The image of the Buddha is racist Hindu Brahmin picture that was published in our Nichiren Shoshu Monthly. Such pictures are institutional racism.

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