A brother  contacted us in regards to joining Buddhism asked us our advice in regards to joining a Buddhist Sect.  Specifically we were asked our opinion about the various Japanese Buddhist Sects.   We have practiced the Buddhist religion for over 40 years under the guise and learning of various Japanese Buddhist sects. We can say empirically that "Japanese Buddhist Propagation methods" in regards to African and African/American history rejects Science, Culture and History in regard to Blacks.

Historically the Buddha’s teachings originated in ancient times in a place what was known as "Eastern Ethiopia." Today this land is called "India." The father of History Herodotus said that there was two Ethiopia’s one East of the Red Sea and one West of the Red Sea.

Historically, Anthropologically, Archeologically the people who occupied Ancient India were people called Dravidians who are also known as Nubians, Cushites or Dalits. Gautama Buddha tribe was the Shakyas, Lichchhavis, Malavas, Kshudrakas, Mallas, Murias or better known as Nagas. These were the ancient Dalit tribes of indigenous India.

The history and teachings of the Buddha Shakyamuni arrived and was practiced in Ancient Africa 1100 years before the teachings arrived in Japan. Buddhism was widely practiced in the African empires of Nubia, Egypt, and Axum.

The Brahmans incorporated the Buddha into the "Hindu Pantheon" and they painted the Buddha as an Aryan. The Japanese in their propagation and teaching of Buddhism extricate the Black History from their Buddhist teachings. Resulting Japanese religious organizations like the SGI, Nichiren Shoshu and Nichiren Shu teach Buddhism that rejects the Science, Culture and History of a Buddhism inclusive of African and African/American history and culture.

We at the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association" teach a Buddhism that is inclusive of this culture, science and history. When you learn Buddhism from most of the Japanese Buddhist organization you will not get a "World Historical View" and understanding of Buddhism. The teachings that you will learn is a myopic view that place Japan and Japanese in a dominate Japanese world view.

When it comes to the African and African/American place among Japanese Buddhism you will find Africans and African/Americans always in a marginal place in Buddhism.