Read "Buddhism The Universal Rhythms Of Life" written by Allan Billups. Alan's work Universal Rhythms explains complicated Buddhists teaching in a simple down to earth form.Allan explains Karma, (Cause & Effect), the Buddhist concept of the Three Proofs, (documentary, theoretical, & actual proof. Alan touches upon the three cycles Jo Ju E & Ku (birth, maturity, decline & death) shiki, shin, funi (oneness of spiritual & physical).

Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Lectures and Writings By Buddhist Scholar Alan Billups

Allen Billups Explains the complicated Buddhist Theory "Ichinen Sanzen" or 3000 worlds in a momentary existence in a lecture titled "The Jewel Of Buddhism".

Juzu Beads and 108 desires: By Alan Billups. Allan Billups Explains the Nichiren Shoshu Prayer Beads

Alan Billups Lecture does a scientific lecture on the functions of the brain. This lecture is titles; "Healing the Universal Family"

Alan Billups A 1992 Howard University Graduate in 1993 took on and defeated then SGI Study Department Chief Greg Martin in a debate. The Allan Billups rebuttal letter to Greg Martin is a timeless relevant lecture and documents African & frican/Americans grasp of the Buddhist doctrines. Allan's father Arron Billups was once
upon a time the highest ranking Black African/American leaders in the SGI. Arron Billups many years ago moved away from the SGI however his son Allan Billups is a true Nichiren Shoshu "Buddhist Warrior". Read Allan Billups three debate letters written in 1993.

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