Malcolm X Influence on the Proud Black Buddhist Website
If Malcolm X were living today December 12, 2005 he would be about 80 years old. Malcolm would be about the age of my deceased father.   Malcolm was assassinated in February of 1965 at the age of 40 years old.   If there ever was an Horatio Alger story told Malcolm X transformed his life from a pimp, hustler and con artist to one of the greatest humans living. Many youth have been turned on by the racial reference of rappers like KRS-1 and Public Enemy. Malcolm is the symbol of Blackness in modern times. From young Blacks to "hip" young whites Malcolm was "in". Conservatives claimed Malcolm as an apostle of limited government. The Integrationist claimed him because of his trip to Mecca. The Marxist claimed him as a representative of the "revolutionary proletariat". Black Nationalist claim Malcolm as the symbol of the Nationalist movement. We at the Proud Black Buddhist Website claim him as an example of how to be a Black Buddhist leader.  Malcolm X is even honored as an American hero on a Black Heritage stamp
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