I feel like I am in the Twillight Zone, I was born into this practice and I am 40 years old now. I practice under SGI and I am confused about the Americans that are so against the SGI. I am a former NFL player and one thing I learned was respect, and this site lacks the very core of fundamental respect. Whether you agree with President Ikeda or not, the practice was propagated by the 3 presidents to where it was brought to this country for us to all say this beautiful life transforming prayer thru his efforts and the original pioneers.

You can debate without disrespect, I follow the Gosho and from the years I have been in the organization that has always been the focus. As long as dialogue is healthy I am open for conversation. I was not ultra enthusiastic with the old NSA structure but just as companies grow they become better or go out of business. I believe those who view President Ikeda as he is being worshipped need to understand mentor and disciple relationship.

Your site is good but filled with too much hate for you to be really talking about true Buddhism. I am a black man and a proud one too but that doesn't mean I need a special Buddhism for black people. That was not Nichiren's intent!


Proud Black Buddhist Publisher 5 Time World Karate Kickboxing Champion Anthony "Amp" Elmore dialog with  Former NFL Star  Wide Receiver & Philadelphia SGI District leader Mario Henry. Elmore notes how 1000's departed the SGI staring in the 80's when SGI Buddhist leader Daisaku Ikeda malicious stripped away Buddhism's organic culture. The SGI put in place a slick manipulable thought controlling system. Elmore who praises the NSA Buddhist organization in a scene in his 1988 movie"The Contemporary Gladiator".  Elmore deems Ikeda actions  to a border line "Cult Practice"
Former NFL Wide Receiver Mr. Mario Henry is a CEO executive and SGI District leader in Philadelphia. Elmore notes how Mr. Henry is a model representative of the new SGI system.  Mr. Mario Henry  writes to Elmore;
Anthony "Amp" Elmore of Memphis, Tennessee practiced Buddhism in the NSA/SGI for over 20 years. Elmore documented the emergence of an SGI  Japanese  manipulation that bordered racism/ mind control.  The SGI closed all "Cultural Pathways" that leads Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism to an "Organic Pathway" to the African American community. Elmore notes that Buddhist leader Daisaku Ikeda developed a system whereas African Americans leaders are a firewall that supports such SGI malicious actions. Elmore challenges the SGI to open the "Cultural Pathways."

" I am a black man and a proud one too but that doesn't mean I need a special Buddhism for black people. That was not Nichiren's intent!"

In 1991 Elmore wrote: " In the current World Tribune dated Monday March 11, 1991 President Ikeda  lectured on the Great Pyramids in Africa. On page 5 in the heading"Testimony of a Plundered Land", in the final paragraph President Ikeda says "Blind obedience is frightening". Ignorance leads to unhappiness and victimization. History has shown time and time again that when a religion demands that believers be obedient, declaring they are evildoers otherwise, while at the same time suppressing the intellect of the people and harboring an aversion to culture, there is usually some dark machination to be found at its root. Therefore, to prevent such a tragedy from happening,I strongly urge you to polish your intellect."

Cultural insensitivity is resulting to blind obedience,ignorance, unhappiness and victimization of African/Americans. As President Ikeda notes,"harboring an aversion to culture, there is usually some dark machination to be foundat its root." President Ikeda further urges us to polish our intellect to prevent such tragedies from happening.

On March 18, 1991 21 years ago Elmore wrote a letter to SGI President Daisaku Ikeda and SGI members. Elmore notes If you read his letter 21 years ago and read the words of SGI Philadelphia District Chief former NFL Star Mr. Mario Henry one can read by Mr. Henry’s words that Daisaku Ikeda was successful in achieving his plan of "Centralization" by bringing Buddhism in America into the Japanese SGI paradigm and direct control void of a cultural pathway into the African American community.

Trying to use Buddhism to elevate African Americans in a cultural context is clearly exclusionary of other races, which is not the intent of the practice.

 Click on the above picture of Anthony Elmore to read the full March 18, 1991 letter

The SGI in America is not "Organic"

In the Roots of Good Fortune Gosho the Daishonin Writes; Suppose one dries dung, breaks it up, passes it through a sieve, and forms it to resemble a block of sandalwood. Even if one were to then carve this into the image of a woman, a heavenly goddess, or a Buddha, when it is burned, it would still give off no other fragrance but the stink of dung.”


Dear Mario:

Thanks for posting your comments on our “Proud Black Buddhist Website.” It is incredulous that you are an African American born into the Buddhism practice and you are 40 years old. The idea that you are a former NFL player, that too is a remarkable achievement. In your comment you write; “I practice under SGI and I am confused about the Americans that are so against the SGI.” I am not against the SGI and I do not hate the SGI. You are an African/American who has 40 years of practice under your life I challenge you to point out one single African/American Buddhist scholar, or point out one person in the SGI in 40 years who is respected in society or in our African/American Community as a Buddhist? Neither does the SGI or Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist develop, shape or create an environment that fosters African American leaders.

Let me site you an example; President Barack Obama worked as a “Community Organizer” in Chicago. During this time that President Barack Obama was a community organizer in Chicago from 1985 to 1988 the SGI did not have African Americans on its paid staff nor on its executive boards. In Chicago there was a man by the name of Mel Wright who developed the SGI in Chicago. The SGI discriminated against Mel Wright. Since you have 40 years of practice you should have been at the “Capture the spirit meaning” in Chicago at Medina Temple. President Ikeda came to Chicago and set up a system of Centralization that moved the SGI or Buddhist into a strict Japanese Paradigm. He got rid of the SGI Southside and centralized Buddhism and created an environment of “Japanese Mindset” and control .

Daisaku Ikeda then moved “Centralized leaders from Japan” to control the movement and centralized the SGI. I lived in Memphis, Tennessee and President Ikeda brought in a Japanese by the name of “George Kusaba.” George Kusaba broke meetings into small hons and he set up a system or an environment void of culture and they created an environment where independent leaders could not emerge. George Kusaba had members speaking with Japanese accents and they succeeded in bringing African Americans under a mind control body.

In your message you write; I am a black man and a proud one too but that doesn't mean I need a special Buddhism for black people. That was not Nichiren's intent! Nichiren writes in the Gosho” exert yourself in the two ways of practice and study, without practice and study there can be no Buddhism.” Mario the SGI is worth over 125 Billion and they are the largest publishers in Japan. In Japanese teachings of Buddhism it is void or “Un-inclusive of African History.” The ancient Buddhist were the Nagas or the Black Buddhist. The SGI does not teach or have any “Inclusion of the African history in Buddhism.” While you are “College Educated” you boast that there should not be any Buddhism for Black people.

It was reported that the major news story in American last week was the Trayon Martin story of Racism. America is not fair. In our culture African Americans practice religion in reference to our culture and social morales . No matter how dynamic you may think President Daisaku Ikeda is, he will never be accepted by African Americans. African Americans seek African American leaders. President Barack Obama was a leader in the African American Community. Barack Obama could not have emerged from the SGI because the SGI do not build strong leaders.

Please note that the SGI invested over one Billions dollars in America. You would think that out of a Billions dollars and 62 years in America one strong African American Buddhist leader would emerge. What is shameful Mario that you as an African American male could not look in one single SGI publication and relay the Black Buddhist history to your child? I doubt that you know about “Fudo Myo” a Black Buddhist God on the Gohonzon or any of the Black Buddhist history that should be inclusive.
Show me in my writing any words of hate. Please point out words of disrespect. While you are at it I would like for you to show one single positive News Story about the SGI by a creditable News agency that writes a positive story about the SGI. Out of all the World News organizations you should be able to point out one major News outlet that reports a positive story about the SGI. Why has not any American President met Daisaku Ikeda? If and When Daisaku Ikeda comes to American he will have to avoid the media because he is categorized as a “Cult leader.” Why is he considered a “Cult leader?” I will have an intelligent conversation with you. I will not disrespect you.


Anthony “Amp” Elmore

        Anthony "Amp" Elmore
Publisher Proud Black Buddhist Website
Nichiren Daishonin states in the Gosho  “Three Kinds of Treasure,”
"More valuable than treasures in a storehouse are the treasures of the body, and the treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all".
A people's culture is a "Treasure of the Heart." In order for Buddhism to touch the heart of Black people in America, Buddhism must be taught in America in a way that integrates and respect the culture of Black people. Instead of the profound teachings of Buddhism adapting to the culture of Black people in America, Black people are expected to adapt to the culture of Japanese people in Japan. Buddhism in America posses an African/American cultural void.  As a result you will find  a void of strong African/Americans males  engaged in the Buddhist religion. We at the "Proud Black Buddhist" website challenge this Black cultural void and Japanese cultural dominance in the propagation of Buddhism in America. We hope to carve a "Cultural Pathway" pathway in order that African/Americans and others can enjoy the  profound and exciting Buddhist teachings of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism.
We at the Proud Black Buddhist Website deem the dialog between Anthony "Amp" Elmore and Mario Henry as important. We both represent strong African American Nichiren Buddhist.  More important we represent the dicotomy and practice of African Americans practicing Buddhism in America. We at the Proud Black Buddhist website is on record of challenging the entire Oriental Buddhist Racist System. Moreover we challenge Japanese Buddhist racism, even more specifically we directly challenge the manipulative practices of SGI Buddhist leader Daisaku Ikeda who use direct and manipulated Buddhist propagation that is outright disingenuous. Moreover Daisaku Ikeda purposefully destroyed the organic Buddhist culture in America and replaced the organization with a mind manipulation system. We hold that while the SGI has created a marginal value in the African American community we challenge the SGI and its African American leaders and members lack of demanding a genunie African American cultural inclusion. SGI District leader Mr. Mario Henry debates that such "inclusion" is wrong and borders racism. We pointed out how Daisaku Ikeda is outright "Pimping" the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and is an outright "Influence Peddlar" who has bambozelled Mr. Henry and other African American Buddhist. While we directly point out about the machinations of SGI leader Daisaku Ikeda we at the Proud Black Buddhist equally challenge Nichiren Shoshu Priest and their roten practices. In my hometown of Memphis, Tenneessee we dialoged with our Priest Rev. Shingi Iwaki on March 17, 2012 Rev. Iwaki visited my home I looked this Priest directly in the eye and told him that I would never deliver African Americans to his "Japanese System."  This Priest's father Gojakied me into Buddhism in 1975 when this Priest was in diapers. This Priest is teaching "Japanese Culture" instead of Buddhism. This Priest needs an education in "Cultural Diversity."   Whether it is SGI or Hokkeko we all should unite to make Buddhism right. We pray that this communication between Anthony "Amp" Elmore and Mario Henry can open the door to reforms and the uplift of Buddhism in America.
Above is a Posting made on our website by Mr. Mario Henry on March 27, 2012.  Below is our reply to him on 03/27/2012
Anthony "Amp" Elmore
Publisher Proud Black Buddhist Website

         Mario Henry              Former NFL wide Receiver, CEO, SGI Leader