Dear Anthony,

This an official request that you cease and desist in using my photo in any of your publications and/or on the internet. You do not have my permission nor that of the photographer to use this photo under any circumstances. I had thought you might tire of the continued story you are telling about Nichiren Shu and me, but I see that this is not the case. Your constant retelling of your story underscores your complete attachment to your version of events. I will say that you have completely misrepresented the entire situation, but I also realize that what I say will have no bearing on what you constantly claim to be true.

I wish you well in your endeavor to propagate your version of Nichiren Buddhism-just keep me out of it. I do want to be very clear that I, in my capacity as a Nichiren Shu priest as well as personally, do not support or condone how you present this Buddhism. I understand that you feel slighted and have been deeply hurt; however, to continue to remain attached to your pain is not the correct way to practice Buddhism in any school. And a path that is founded on attachment to suffering is not a true path and will lead others astray.

In gassho,
Myokei Caine-Barrett Shonin

We at the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association tell a beautiful story of "Hendoku Iyaku"or "Changing poison into medicine."  We recognize the beauty of America and its diversity. Moreover we encourage the Buddhist public to put any Buddhist organization under the test of public scrutiny and moral standards. We note that the Nichiren Shu Buddhist order abused us. We challenged them by creating "The"Proud Black Buddhist World Association. "  Often times in our society religious leaders  hide behind the cloak of "Religious Authority" and they break not only legal, moral and society laws unabashedly, many act in the capacity as experts. We at the Proud Black Buddhist World Association challenge the Japanese Nichiren Sects in regards to their inherent and systematic Racism. While Nichiren Shu Priest Myokei Shonin has a part of African decent she acquiesce to the Japanese Racist System and her actions are just as racist as any of the  Japanese  leaders. We at the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association" make Buddhist accountable to moral and ethical standards.
Anthony "Amp" Elmore 40  year Nichiren Buddhist

Please click on the Picture of Nichiren Shu Priest Myokei Shonin and you will see a picture of her in the above  CNN news Website.  Myokei Shonin does not and cannot in anyway claim copyright infringement regarding her image.  While she is a Nichiren Shu Priest she clearly in an email mis-represent American law.  This Priest fails to understand that in our modern technological society we all have access to information and we should be responsible and not mislead the public.  Let us be clear when Nichiren Shu Priest Myokei Caine-Barrett Shonin made the decision to tell her story on CNN news she is clearly out of the realm of a "Private Citizen."  Let us be clear that this image of her on CNN News falls in the realm of "Public Domain."  This Priest Advertise her picture on Websites, she solicit members and money, however she fails and misleads others in her letter to Anthony "Amp" Elmore clearly calls for "Copyright Infringement" in Regards to her image.  The above image of her belongs to CNN News.  She fails to understand the "Fair Use" laws in our society and she misrepresent our use of her image in our news release.

Myokei Shonin gives advice as a Priest however she mis-represent our United States Copyright laws. We would like to teach Myokei Shonin a bit about American law. While she may be a Priest she is not an attorney.  There is a Law called "Fair Use" which supercedes her claim to copyright infringement. We invite others to read  this law
Fair use is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. In United States copyright law, fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship. It provides for the legal, unlicensed citation or incorporation of copyrighted material in another author's work under a four-factor balancing test.
Whether we use the picture to the left or the CNN picture on the right, our charge is not about a picture of Myokei Shonin. We asked Myokei Shonin and Nichiren Shu leaders about their policy regarding African Americans and we were met with fury and anger. Myokei Shonin and Nichiren Shu leaders refused to answer our question.  Their Memphis Representative responded back to us and in the end of his letter he writes: ".
Please Click on the above picture to the upper left and read the question we at the "Proud Black Buddhist" Website posed to Myokei Shonin and Nichiren Shu leaders on Thanksgiving Day Thursday November 28, 2013.  Please read the response that Memphis Nichiren Shu leader and a person whom I considered not only a friend but a brother wrote not only to me but Shaka Khalphani posted an email expressing the thoughts of he and Myokei Shonin not only to me but Shaka posted the email to Nichiren Shu, SGI and Nichiren Shoshu members.  Shaka's intent was to inflict pain.  Just because we asked a question he called us a "Terrorist and a Bully."  We never posted "Shaka's Remarks" on our Internet Site.  In fact we never mention Shaka's name.  Nichiren Shu Priest Myokei Shonin writes: " I will say that you have completely misrepresented the entire situation, but I also realize that what I say will have no bearing on what you constantly claim to be true."   We invite those on the web to read the words of Mr. Shaka Khalphani and learn what Myokei Shonin Teaches. Click on the picture of Myokei and Shaka.
The above picture is of Mr. Shaka Khalphani and Nichiren Shu Priest Myokei Shonin.  Both Myokei Shonin and Shaka Khalphani represent Nichiren Shu Buddhist teachings in the strictest traditional manners.  Those who are looking for "Traditional Nichiren Buddhist Teachings" she has a "Sangha in Houston, Texas.  We at the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association" present an alternative Buddhism that is inclusive of not only African and African American history and culture  we adhere to 21st Century standards where we challenge systems. While Myokei Shonin and Shaka are not racist the Japanese Systems of propagating Buddhism is inherently racist.  We hold that such racism should be extricated from Buddhism.  If reader would like to look into the practice of Nichiren Shu and its effects in regards to African Americans then you should read the Words of Mr. Shaka Khalphani addressed to Anthony "Amp" Elmore dated Saturday November 30, 2013.  We hold that Myokei Shonin condones this letter in that she acquiesce  and not saying a word  she reprimands Anthony "Amp" Elmore who defends himself against what her student Shaka writes. Myokei Shonin student Shaka writes:
While Nichiren Shu Priest Myokei Shonin writes: " I do want to be very clear that I, in my capacity as a Nichiren Shu priest as well as personally, do not support or condone how you present this Buddhism."  We at the Proud Black Buddhist World Association do not condone the way Myokei Shonin and Nichiren Shu Conduct Buddhism.  In the Gosho the 14 Slanders it reads; "When one chants the daimoku bearing in mind that there are no distinctions among those who embrace the Lotus Sutra"  We as members of the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association do not condone or support the way Myokei Shonin or Nichiren Shu present Buddhism. We have every right to defend ourselves against her Temple and representative Mr. Shaka Khalphani who asked  us not to come back to his home and we could "Kiss his Ass."  We were told not to come back to Nichiren Shu Buddhist meeting because we wanted to be assured that Nichiren Shu is respectful and inclusive of African and African American history and culture.  Not only did we challenge Nichiren Shu on this issue we challenged the SGI and Nichiren Shoshu sects on this issue.  Both organizations hide behind the guise or religious authority that allows them to attenuate and discriminate in regards to making African and African American history "Non inclusive" of the Buddhist Practice.  What is outright stupid is for Myokei Shonin to write that we are "attached to pain." Such a teaching is not the "Lotus Sutra." Myokei Shonin use such as a conundrum  to bamboozle the ignorant.  The Lotus Sutra teaches us to "Change poison into Medicine" and not be confused  with ignorance.

"Everywhere you've gone, you draw fire conflict. Everything you've touched turn to shit. Please, do not contact me again. Do not come to my home, you are not welcome, do not send me another e-mail, I will not read it, and, perhaps you can help that poor girl Zambia get a Gohonzon through your almighty website. P.S. You can just kiss my entire ass, prick! jjjhhh"

The respectful woman in Zambia who Shaka calls a "poor girl" is a PHD candidate who is a "Business Consultant who holds a "Masters Business and Math." If one were to listen to Myokei Shonin and what her Memphis, Representative Mr. Shaka Khalphani writes one would think that Anthony "Amp" Elmore is a "loose cannon."  We show pictures of us in discussion with the Ambassador of South Africa.  We are discussing honoring  Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King in a Celebration that starts in Memphis, Tennessee and ends in Johannesburg, South African in July of 2017. We note in a news Release that we can discuss with the formal representative of the government of South Africa issues of Culture and History.  However when we bring issues of equality to Nichiren Shu we get slandered.  Nichiren Shu Priest Myokei condones the action of her disciple. Click on the picture below where we lecture on "You Tube" Challenging a Racist Nichiren Priest.

Nichiren Shu Priest the honorable Myokei Shonin makes statements that are disingenuous and completely erroneous. We hold no anger or malice against Nichiren Shu or Myokei Shonin. We have no Buddhist tradition. We reached out to Myokei Shonin and the Nichiren Shu Buddhist organization trying to find an alternative Buddhist organization whereas the African and African American history that has been extricated from Buddhism could be "inclusive" as a 21st Century paradigm.  We were clear in regards to the necessity of our establishing "The Memphis Proud Black Buddhist Sangha."  The honorable Nichiren Shu Memphis leader Mr.Shaka Nkosi Khalphani makes clear in a written letter dated Saturday November 30, 2013 that he had a problem with calling the organization a "Sangha." Mr. Khalphani makes clear that there is no room in this world and certainly there is no provision or accommodation in the Nichiren Shu Houston Sangha for a "Black Buddhist Sangha" in Memphis. Our recent news release has little or nothing to do with Myokei Shonin.  We used her picture to tell a story.  We are not "personal" however when  she writes back and say; "I will say that you have completely misrepresented the entire situation" we note this as a lie.

 Mr. Khalphani who represents the Myokei Shonin unjustly attacked us as he writes very harsh and abusive words to us.  Ms. Doris Mwanza who is a Doctoral candidate in religion and philosophy  who lives in Zambia in Africa was shown the door by Nichiren Shu and Myokei Shonin. In response to their brutal treatment we established "The Proud Black Buddhist World Association Sangha. We are not angry or hurt we are proud to provide an alternative Nichiren Buddhist organization that can specifically accommodate and make African and African American culture and History "Inclusive" of the Wonderful Buddhist teaching of the messenger of the Buddha Nichiren Shonin. We never disrespect Myokei Shonin and Nichiren Shu, however she sent an "attack dog" at us.  It is like throwing a rock and hiding your hand. Myokei Shonin is who influenced Shaka's actions. Either he is a convenient stooge or willfully ignorant to post such writing without the blessing of Myokei Shonin. Shaka posted his comments on November 30, 2013. We have no record where she disagreed with here students actions.

South Africa is the largest economy in the Continent of Africa.  They are a "Rainbow Nation" best known by World Hero Nelson Mandela. On Monday March 31, 2014 Buddhist leader Anthony "Amp" Elmore met with South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool.  Ambassador Rasool as a student fought against Apartheid in South Africa.  As a youth he was locked up in jail where he met the late Nelson Mandela in 1987.  Nichiren Shu leader Mr. Shaka Khalphani wrote a slanderous email that questions the character of Anthony "Amp" Elmore.  Elmore posted this email to counter not only the slander by Mr. Khalphani, but to make note that Buddhism is everyday life where we work to make our world  better.  Anthony "Amp" Elmore has met with dignitaries such as Presidents, Senators, Legislators, Ambassadors in discussion regarding equality and cultural relationships.  Elmore notes that Japanese based religious organizations such as Nichiren Shoshu, the SGI and Nichiren Shu religious bodies not only refuse to discuss equality and inclusion of African and African American culture and history in Buddhism. Elmore notes that he was met with abuse as noted in the letter to him by Mr. Shaka Khalphani. Click on the above picture to read the News Release that was challenged by Nichiren Shu Priest Myokei Shonin.  Our release was not about her, we simply show how we overcame the adversity as a Buddhist that Nichiren Shu caused us.
This is a picture of Mr. Shaka Khalphani and Nichiren Shu Priest Myokei Shonin.  Those who are looking for the traditional Nichiren Schools she has a  Houston Sangha.. Mr. Shaka Khalphani is her Memphis representative who follows the traditional Nichiren Buddhism. We at the Proud Black Buddhist World Association do not follow tradition.  We purposefully include African & African American history in the way we teach Buddhism. We  believe in challenging errors with the sound doctrines of Buddhism. We challenge Nichiren Shu on doctrine.

P.S. You can just kiss my entire ass, prick! jjjhhh