Proud Black Buddhist Founder Anthony "Amp" Elmore Encourages LongTime Friend to become a Nichiren Buddhist Priest

"Religion is the organization of spirituality into something that became the hand maiden of conquerors. Nearly all religions were brought to people and imposed on people by conquerors, and used as the framework to control their minds." Dr. John Henrik Clarke

The Great African American historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke writes:

"My main point here is that if you are the child of God and God is a part of you, the in your imagination God suppose to look like you. And when you accept a picture of the deity assigned to you by another people, you become the spiritual prisoners of that other people."   Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Proud Black Buddhist Website Founder Anthony "Amp" Elmore

The photograph below is a picture of  Mr. Shaka Khalphani and the son of Proud Black Buddhist Website founder Anthony "Amp" Elmore." Elmore and his  ex-wife  prayed to have a son who would be a Nichiren Shoshu Priest. Sr. Elmore notes that there is no justice for African Americans in Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism in America.  The Japanese who brought the great teachings of Nichiren Daishonin to Memphis, Tennessee made it clear in action that they came to Memphis, Tennesseee as "Conquerors." Both the Japanese SGI & Nichiren Shoshu organization "Conquered the Culture of African Americans"resultingly they brought a Buddhism to America marred in a Japanese culture.  Shaka Khalphani fought and refused to be taught the profound teachings of Nichiren Daishonin from the "Cookie Cutter" Japanese Template philosophy.

This website is our "Official Endorsement" and encouragement asking our friend Mr. Shaka Khalphani a former SGI and Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist of over 30 years to take his Nichiren Buddhist Faith and experience and become a Nichiren Buddhist Priest for the sake of future Generations.

This photograph was taken at an Ethiopian Resturant in January of 2005.  In Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism there is no opportunity for an African American youth to be a Priest or Teacher. We African Americans must be teachers in our community we must demonstrate to our youth that they can grow up to become whatever they desire. We are asking Shaka to become a Nichiren Priest.

Mr. Shaka Khalphani  observed the horrendous ignorant  conditions  lack of teaching of  Nichiren Daishonin's  Buddhism  Memphis, Tennessee Shaka decided to depart the Nichiren Shoshu teachings. Shaka reached out to the Nichiren Shu Buddhist sect to learn.

The above picture of Anthony and Zuri Elmore was taken at Taiskiji Temple in Japan in August of 1997. Zuri and Anthony prayed to have a son who would become a Nichiren Shoshu Priest.  In 1998 Anthony "Amp" Elmore Jr. was born.  The Nichiren Shoshu Priest lated demonstrated their "Culural Dominance." In 2003 Nichiren Shoshu Priest Rev. Murata broke up the African American Nichiren Shoshu  Buddhist community in Memphis, Tennessee.  In 2008 Rev. Iwaki became the new Priest  who came to Memphis, Tennessee  caused a total destruction of  Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism in Memphis, Tennessee.  The Priest introduced a "Japanese Mindless Zombie" like practice based on a "Japanese Template." The "Japanese Template" only allows words of the Priest to be heard at meetings.  The meetings turned into a "mindless orgy of ignorance" where humans were denied the power or thought and discussion. Proud Black Buddhist Website publisher Anthony "Amp" Elmore protested such actions on the web.  Mr. Shaka Khalphani looked for a friendlier Buddhist teachings in Nichiren Shu that opened the door to Buddhist study and mutual engagement.

In the above picture Shaka was featured in the local Memphis newspaper whereas he as a waste management truck driver went on strike.  Just as Shaka went on strike against Nichiren Shoshu.  Shaka has spent 4 years learning and enhancing his Buddhist learning.  The African American community is in need of Buddhist scholars and teachers.  Shaka has engulfed himself into Nichiren Shu Teachings.
The Key to Understanding how to introduce Nichiren Buddhism to the African American Community  is an issue of Culture &  not Doctrine

The profound teachings of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism must be introduced to the African American community by way of culture and not by the way of doctrine. In the history of Buddhism it has always traveled by way of culture.  Buddhism's lack of growth in the African American community is the result of Buddhism not acquiring an "African American Cultural Integration."  In many ways Buddhism as taught in America among African Americans is "Counter Cultural" in that many in the religion cannot and do not delineate Japanese Culture from Buddhist Teachings, which in terms make the religion to be viewed as "counter cultural" Japanese or Oriental.

Anthony "Amp" Elmore praise the courage of his longtime Buddhist friend Mr. Shaka Khalphani who practiced many years in Memphis as a Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist.  The Nichiren Shoshu Priest attempted to  introduce in Memphis, Tennessee  a "cookie cutter" a "Japanese cultural Template."  The Priest Oriented Japanese Template resulted into a disarray, disenchantment  and the system promoted a "culture of ignorance. Mr. Shaka Khaphani in a way of protecting his sanity and integrity departed the ineffective and callous Buddhist system as it was being taught in Memphis, Tennessee by Nichiren Shoshu Priest Rev. Iwaki.