British Historian Sir Godfrey Higgins writes that all of the ancient Buddhist icons show the historical Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha as a man of African decent. All literary, archeological, evolutionary evidence proves that the Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha was a man of “African Descent.” Just as facts of science prove that human life began in Africa, racist re-write history in their efforts to make history “White History.

British Historian Sir Godfrey Higgins

Just as there is Buddhist History, there is “White Buddhist History.” Facts prove that the SGI, Nichiren Shoshu, Nichiren Shu and other Japanese Nichiren Buddhist sects teach only “White Buddhist History.”

Nichiren Shonin the founder of Nichiren Buddhism taught Buddhism and not “White Buddhism.” Literary evidence proves the “Pali Cannon” as the 1st Buddhist writings in 29 B.C. E. proves “Black Buddhist History via “Linguistic Evidence” based on language. The Pali Cannon is the 1st “Buddhist text” and the world’s largest religious document recorded in the history of mankind. The “Pali Cannon” is a “Black Language” that is inclusive of culture and Black History of Buddhist teachings.

The "Sanskrit versions" of Buddhist history is 100% racist in that it removes all of the history and culture of Buddhist who are of "African Descent." History proves that Black Buddhist in India came under assault from the "Hindu Buddhist" who killed all Black Buddhist and rewrote Buddhist History. They created "White Buddhist History".

History proves that all Black Buddhist were killed in India and around the world. The way that Buddhist teachings were saved from its permanent "Racist and Cultural Assault" was via its "Translation into the Chinese Language." It is clear the "Chinese and the Chinese language"  that rescued Buddhism from its "racist assault."

Another way that Buddhism was saved from it racist assault is that the Lotus Sutra was transferred not only in writing but the Lotus Sutra was transferred in Pictures. The ancient Buddhist pictures show absolutely "The Black Buddhist History."


The Buddhist teachings were transferred from the Ethiopian “Black Indian Language” of Prakrit to the Chinese language. The most accepted version of the Lotus Sutra is the Chinese version translated into Chinese by the Tipitaka master Kumarajiva. When Nichiren Shonin studied the Lotus Sutra he is clear in his writings that he studied not the “Sanskrit version” of the Lotus Sutra, but he studied the “Chinese version translated by Kumarajiva".

The Pali Cannon is Black Literary Evidence of  "Black Buddhist History."