Our revealing this information is a cause to inspire others to read and learn more about Buddhist teachings and Buddhist history. Also when Black people learn about the Black Gods on the Gohonzon this knowledge change the dynamics of the spirit of Buddhist teachings.
Many of us revere our Japanese Buddhist teachers like Daisaku Ikeda, Nichiren Shoshu and Nichiren Shu. When we learn about the “Black Buddhist History” we learn that our Japanese Buddhist leaders like Daisaku Ikeda, the Nichiren Shoshu Priest and High Priest, the Nichiren Shu organization and Whites and Japanese that teach us Buddhism are just as racist as “Joe six Pack” in America.

Our new found Buddhist Knowledge motivates us to learn Buddhism and with our new found knowledge we learn Buddhism the way the Buddha Shakyamuni teach us. The Buddha in last speech the Nirvana Sutra wrote: “put faith in the law and not persons”.

When you learn Buddhist truth and you meet that Buddhist Priest in a Buddhist Robe and you learn that many Buddhist leaders including some Priest are a fraud. When you put your faith in any organization, person or group you should evaluate Buddhism based on facts and History. We encourage you to base your understanding of Buddhist teachings that are in concert with facts and historical evaluation.

In order to teach you about the "Black Gods on the Gohonzon" you must understand that there are clearly two types of Buddhism. Let us who are Nichiren Buddhist delineate between the two types of Buddhism. There is "White Buddhism" and there is "Buddhism." This is not my opinion, but this is a fact. In our world there is "White History" and there is "history." Let me site you an example;

Please view the picture of me my beautiful wife Bogalech Elmore and Dr. Donald Johanson. Dr. Donald Johanson is the world famous Anthropologist who discovered the famous Lucy Skeleton in Ethiopia. Absolute archeological evidence proves that humankind evolved in Africa. The evolution of man begins in Africa and all humans evolved from the Black man. Although all humans evolved from the Blackman racist teach that the 1st human was a man of European descent. In the picture you see an evolutionary chart and at the end of the Evolutionary Chart you see a Whiteman. This is re-writing of facts this is “White History.”

Dr. Donald Johanson discovered one of the earliest finds of human ancestry however in the annals of science White racist show the evolutionary chart with a Whiteman at the end of the chart. Dr. Johansson was giving a lecture and he mention that White people want to believe that evolution started with White people, but this is not true. While Dr. Johansson knows the truth he does not have the power to change what is taught in White History.

Now let us move to science and Buddhist teachings. Science teaches us about the Indus Valley Civilization. The oldest Civilization in human history is the Indus valley Civilization noted by many scientist as being older than the Egyptian civilization. What is clear in regards to both civilizations is that the founders of both the Egyptian Civilization and the Indus Valley Civilization were Black people known to Whites as Ethiopians. Ethiopia is a Greek word that means Burnt skin or Black people.

Anthony "Amp" Elmore
Anthony & Bogalech, Dr. Johanson
Science proves that the 1st man was out of Africa and not out of Europe as taught on the White History Evolution Chart