The Black Gods on the Gohonzon
The Black Gods on the Gohonzon is Tantamount to the Attorney General Eric Holder report on Ferguson and Racism in America

My lecture today is called the “Black Gods on the Gohonzon.” The story of the “Black Gods on the Gohonzon is no different than the story and report presented to the media from our Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the damming report of injustice, racism, intolerance and unethical behavior of not only the police depart of Ferguson, Missouri but the report listed racist behavior of police departments and their unethical racist behavior of African/Americans nationwide. We African/Americans understand the racist and harsh treatment against Black people worldwide. While such behavior is an institutional system in America racism is an “Institutional system in Buddhism.
When you learn about the “Black Gods” on the Gohonzon you are able to delineate the racist Nichiren Buddhist sects, and racist Buddhist from those who are “True Buddhist.” We must understand that the purpose of the Lotus Sutra is to teach the fact that “All beings are capable of attaining enlightenment.” The Lotus Sutra also teaches us about “Love and Forgiveness.” Although the Buddha’s cousin Devadatta tried to Kill the Buddha in the end Devadatta was able to attain Buddhahood via the Lotus Sutra.

Another reason that we teach about the “Black Gods” on the Gohonzon is to help wake up the Bodhisattva nature particularly of many “Black people” who study Buddhism. Many Black people care less that they are not aware of any Black history and culture in Buddhism. When we bring the fact that there is a “Black Buddhist History.” Many Black people are intrigued and desire to learn more about the “Black Buddhist Gods” and about the culture and history of Buddhism that includes Black people.

Fudo Myo'o in center Four Heavenly kings in rear
Buddhist Altar in Japan from other Buddhist Sects