"Exert yourself in the two ways of practice and study. Without practice and study, there can be no Buddhism. You must not only persevere yourself; you must also teach others. Both practice and study arise from faith. Teach others to the best of your ability, even if it is only a single sentence or phrase."
The Japanese Messenger of the Buddha Nichiren Daishonin writes in the Gosho "The True Entity of All Phenomena:"

The father of modern Buddhism in India was Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. Dr. Ambedkar was from a family of India’s “untouchables.” He was a scholar who wrote that the Buddha ethnic heritage descended from India’s indigenous people who were non Aryan or White. Today in India these people are called Dalits. In America President Barack Obama is a Black President. In Japan Nichiren Shonin is Japanese. Many conclude that our naming Shakyamuni as Black is racist.  Calling Shakyamuni Black is no more racist than calling the Dala Lama Asian. We at the Proud Black Buddhist World Association follow the view of the father of Modern India's Constitution and Buddhist Scholar Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. We encourage those in America and around the world who have no knowledge of Dr. Ambedkar to view the above Video. We at the Proud Black Buddhist World Association arm ourselves regarding the Black Buddha via the view of India's Greatest hero of Modern India; Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

Japanese World famous SGI Nichiren Buddhist leader Daisaku Ikeda writes in his fictionalized book "The Living Buddha" that Shakyamuni Buddha was of "Aryan Decent." We at the Proud Black Buddhist Website for decades have challenged what we call a racist intrepretion of the Buddha from Buddhist leader Ikeda. We show empirical evidence of a contrasting view of the Buddha ethnicty from Dr. B.R. Ambedka the man who is noted as India's greatest leader in Modern India History. 

We at the Proud Black Buddhist World Association reference the current book "The Modernization of Buddhism" by Dr. Lella Karunyakara who reference the contributions of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and the Dali Lama to modern Buddhism.  

We at the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association note the reason for our existence and emergence is for us to teach the correct view and understanding of Shakyamuni Buddha in the correct "Historical Context."  Most Whites, Japanese and Asians are not interested in giving a correct "Indigenous" historical account of the Buddha Shakyamuni. We who want to get a clear understanding of Buddhism must get a correct view of Buddhism from the Dalit or Black Buddhist prospective. We use the word Black as being synonymous with "Indigenous."  The Buddha emerged from the Indigenous population of India who we categorically call Black,  They are known by various names like Naga, Dasas, Dravidian, Chandala, Sutra, Dalit or Adi Dalit. Please read exerts for the Book "Modernization of Buddhism" written by Dr. Lella Karunyakara. This books will give you a clear understanding of the ethnicity of the Buddha.  Let us be clear; Shakyamuni was not Aryan or White. Shakyamuni Buddha emerged for the Indigenous population of India who were Black or non Aryan.
Anthony "Amp" Elmore President of the Proud Black Buddhist World Association.
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