Let me be clear with all of the "Naysayers." A Nichiren Shu member wrote that my knowledge of Buddhism was "Shallow." The Japanese Nichiren Buddhist sects have over 750 years of Nichiren Buddhist experience. In the Gosho "Letter to Niike:" It reads: "This is not merely my own opinion; it is stated clearly in the Lotus Sutra. In the second volume, the Buddha says, "Even you, Shariputra, in the case of this sutra were able to gain entrance through faith alone, not because of any wisdom of your own." The Buddha is clear "Buddhahood is gained through "Faith Alone." When you live in America and you are Black, sometimes you ain't got no hope, no money and no way out. The Old folks would say I am going to leave it in the hands of the Lord.  Leaving things in the "hands of the Lord" is the same as walking by "faith."  Buddhism teaches us that "Faith is a power."

Let me tell you something I am a Five Time World Karate/Kickboxing Champion I entered the ring with the best of men in my day. Not one time in my life that I ever won a fight because of my Knowledge. There I am on ESPN on National television I am in that ring my shirt of all along. Never has my knowledge brought me to victory. When you are in that ring standing against another heavyweight who is just as capable of knocking you out as you are capable of knocking him out. Your mind take a leave and your courage becomes absent. You are so nervous that your hands and feet down even move. You be praying that your hand will come up to protect you or your feet will work good enough to run. The thing that gets you through is your faith not your knowledge.

We follow the Buddha's teachings that teaches us the way to Buddhahood or Enlightenment is through faith. While we do not have the knowledge of some or much of the traditional esoteric Buddhism we follow the power of faith. Dr. Martin Luther King said; "with the faith I shall build a tunnel of hope through a mountain of despair. Back in 1968 when Dr. King was killed we had it much worst off then than we due today.