In the Gosho "The Three Kinds of Treasure" Nichiren Daishonin writes "The heart of the Buddha’s lifetime of teachings is the Lotus Sutra , and the heart of the practice of the Lotus Sutra is found in the “Never Disparaging” chapter . What does Bodhisattva Never Disparaging ’s profound respect for people signify? The purpose of the appearance in this world of Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, lies in his behavior as a human being."

Lama Priest Choyin Rangdrol Please click on his picture to visit his Website The Rainbow Dharma.
We at the "Proud Black Buddhist Website" are Nichiren Buddhist.  We recommend those who are interested in learning Buddhist to Nichiren Websites. Many who visit our Website are interested in finding Black Buddhist. One site that we highly recommend is the Rainbow Dharma. This site is owned and operated by African American Lama Priest Choyin Rangdrol.  The way to know a Buddha is by his behavior as a human being.  This brother is so dynamic that we look upon this brother  as one of our Buddhist teachers.  This brother has a complete understanding of the challenges of Africans and African Americans joining Buddhism.
We at the Proud Black Buddhist Website note that the Buddha Shakyamuni taught Buddhism via "Expedient  Means." We hold that some people need "five accross the lips." Lama Priest Choyin Rangdrol is a man of peace and he is the consumate traditional Buddhist teacher who teach techniques of meditation. He would never preach about giving five accross the lips.  If you are looking for Buddhist tradition, Lama Choyin Rangdrol is the perfect teacher. He is a Priest who is well traveled, highly educated who happen to be African American. Anthony "Amp" Elmore is not a Priest and I am capable of cussing some folk out and he will administer "Five accross the Lips." We would never give five accross the Lips but we do think about it.
Nichiren Daishoin writes in the Gosho "The Gift of Rice:"  "When the Great Teacher     Miao-lo compared these passages with the one from the sixth volume of the Lotus Sutra that reads, “No worldly affairs of life or work are ever contrary to the true reality,” he revealed their meaning and pointed out that although the first two sutras are profound, since their meaning is still shallow and fails to approach that of the Lotus Sutra , they relate secular matters in terms of Buddhism, whereas the Lotus Sutra explains that in the end secular matters are the entirety of Buddhism."
We at the Proud Black Buddhist World Association holds Lama Priest Choyin Rangdol in the highest regard. We recommend those who are interested in Buddhism to visit his website.  There are many alternatives to learning Buddhism.  Please follow your heart.

Those of you who read this communication let me give you an insight into the nature and background of Lama Priest Choyin Rangdrol and Anthony “Amp” Elmore. Choyin Rangdrol has a distinct advantage over Elmore in regarding of their Buddhist history. It seem as if Lama Priest Rangdrol started his formal quest into Buddhism in 1995. In 1995 Elmore had been a Nichiren Buddhist for over 20 years.

Here is the difference in their pathways into Buddhism. Elmore joined the poplar NSA or Nichiren Shoshu of America Buddhist organization in Memphis in 1974. The NSA was a non traditional Buddhist organization run and operated by a central figure who bordered an almost “cult like presence over the members.” Instead of being exposed to traditional Buddhism Elmore was inundated to a Buddhism of Hero worship. In such religious hierarchies there is never a system of equality as taught in mainstream Buddhism.

Choyin Rangdrol was accepted in the Tibetan Buddhist community as a respected Buddhist Priest. Elmore started the “Proud Black Buddhist Website” as a means to express his cultural identity and freedom in Buddhism. Elmore's desire for almost 30 years was to use Buddhism as a tool for social revolution to empower African Americans to mental and spriitual freedom.  Elmore looked for Japanese organizations to support his effort of including Buddhism Black history as a tool and cultural mechanism to attract Africans and African Americans to the wonderful Buddhist teachings.  Elmore met outright racism from all of the Nichiren organizations. All of  Nichiren Buddhist organizations demand absolute allegiance to their central figures. In 1991 Elmore departed the SGI organization.  In December of 2013 Elmore's idea was rejected by the Nichiren Shu organization.  In January of 2014 Elmore a 40 year Nichiren Shohu member officially Departed Nichiren Shoshu.  Elmore notes; either you go along with the central figure or you are ostracized in the group as unfaithful and an unbeliever. 

Elmore notes that Lama Choyin Rangdrol has taken a more peaceful approach to introducing Buddhism to the African and African American community. More importantly Elmore points out that Choyin Rangdrol has been more of a  free, equal and respected Buddhist leader. He has been free to advance and study his Buddhist teachings via traveling the world studying and lecturing on Buddhism. Elmore also state that Choyin Rangdrol teachers apparently supported his Buddhist propagation efforts.  Elmore has had to fight every step of the way.
Anthony “Amp” Elmore endured over two decades without a teacher searching and finding the Buddhist Dharma. Elmore recently found the Dharma in the Lotus Sutra. He is taking his experience of being a Nichiren Buddhist for 40 years and introducing what he calls a secular Buddhism in the world. By secular he is teaching a Buddhism that is not formally connected to the traditional Nichiren Sects in Japan. Moreover Elmore has no Priest training and the Nichiren Buddhism that he teach is more secular. 

Elmore makes it clear that his method of teaching is more "Hip Hop" and as a securlar Buddhist I can take more liberty in my lectures than an offical Buddhist Priest.  Whether a Priest of lay person we all have a value and role in teaching Buddhism to the Western World. In many cases such liberty works well in "Inner City America."  Most important Elmore teach a form of Buddhism that is  inclusive of African and African American culture and history.  Elmore notes that I have been fighting to find my cultural identity in Budhism for over three decades. Please note that I am on "Automatic" and I have been fighting for  a long time. Some blow are simply a reflex action. We offically departed the Nichiren Shoshu Temple less than two weeks into 2014.  Elmore notes that he is not "cool and peaceful" like like Lama Choyin  Rangdrol.  Anthony "Amp" Elmore mentions that his communicating to Lama Choyin has really calmed him down.  Amps says; "give us a little time and you will see a new and dynamic Buddhism from us.