Nichiren Daishonin Inscribed The Black Buddhist God Fudo Myo' o  On The Gohonzon

The Black Buddhist Deity Fudo Myo'o in Black & White was drawn on a suit of armor traditionally believed to have belonged to Ashikaga Takaugi (1305-1358), the founder of the Ashikaga Shogunate. The first Shogun of Japan was an African warrior by the name of Saknouye Tamuramaro. In ancient history Black people did not have the racist stigma attached to them as we find today. In Japan there is a proverb that states "To be a brave samurai you must have a bit of Black blood". Today in Japan and through-out the world there is racism against Black people and through-out the Buddhist religion this racism is prevalent. It is important for Africans and African/Americans to study hard and correct misrepresentation of Buddhist history.

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