You can Join Other Nichiren Buddhist Organizations
I am a 5 time World Karate/Kickboxing champion.  In 1970 I studied a style of Martial Arts called "Old Japanese Shotokan Karate."Within the world of Karate there were 100's of masters and everyone believed their style was superior. One example was the Korean style of Taekwondo and the Chinese Style of "Kung Fu."  They all have their values. Buddhism is the same you have various sects of  Buddhism all claiming Supremacy.  In the ring what worked  for me was my copying American boxers Muhammad Ali and Larry Homes and my adding a bit of my own style. Trying to teach Buddhism in America this Oriental stuff do not work for everyone.  In the world of mixed martial they do not care about your style only results matter when you are in the ring.
The Oriental Styles of Buddhism has a lot of Myth.  They are tantamount to Karate Schools. There are old Martial Art Schools that have 100's of years of tradition.  There are Buddhist school from Japan that teach those Traditions.  What they teach more of is "Culture and Tradition. Buddhism is wrapped so much into "Culture and Tradition" that you would get engrossed in the myths.  The Buddha  Shakymuni wrote in " the Nirvana Sutra, “Rely on the Law and not upon persons." Various organization have value but it is the "Law that is supreme.  No single group owns absolute exclusivity of  the Supreme law.

The SGI-USA has an amazing narrative. We were introduced to Buddhism via the SGI.  We joined the NSA the American brain child, the SGI was the parent organization. The NSA started Buddhism in America and the parent corporate body took over the organization and re-wrote the history. They have invested over a Billion dollars in America and they are the Nichiren Buddhist King. Multi-Billion dollar rich SGI moved into America with an "International Plan of Centralization.   1000's left the organization and others grew old.  Many educated African American women filled leadership roles.

The organization positioned itself with a "Corporate Presence" in America. Their mega-bucks allowed them to buy into Morehouse College in Atlanta.  The Supreme Leader Daisaku Ikeda has his picture in Moorehouse College. Their corporate donations allowed the organization to find inroads via promoting an Ikeda, King Gandhi Exhibit Worldwide.  The power Daisaku Ikeda is King maker in Japan who determines with his political power who is Prime Minister in Japan. Daisaku is beloved by SGI members and many swear by the SGI.

Many outside observers refer the SGI as a "Cult." Many SGI members are disciplined, dedicated and determined to promote Buddhism.  Many of these members will be a tremendous resource at teaching Buddhism.  We at the Proud Black Buddhist Website encourage an association with other Buddhist sects.   The Afro-centric incorporation  and focus on the doctrines will allow the best of both worlds.  The SGI has some dynamite on line study resources.  Click on the picture above and learn about the SGI.

Click on the above picture and learn about the SGI from the SGI's Website