Reform Priest Visit To America SGI’s Latest Con Scheme

By Anthony "Amp" Elmore  Sr.


On St. Patrick’s Day Friday March 17, 2000 we received a call at our office from African/American female SGI leader Toni Crutchfield.  Many readers of the Proud Black Buddhist web site have read past rebuttals that I had written to Toni regarding SGI nonsense.  In the past I explained to Toni that she was being pimped by Daisaku Ikeda.  It has been our intention at the Proud Black Buddhist web site to move past SGI /Hokkeko issues starting in the New Millennium of the year 2000.   The SGI is an organization that does not seem to realize that the ball game is over.    It is like people still complaining about the first Muhammad Ali/Joe Frazier fight and who really won the fight.  The SGI reminds me of an unfaithful conniving woman who is divorced by her husband who gives the woman everything to settle out of a marriage yet the divorced wife continues to harass the man like a bad habit that is difficult to get rid of.


The actions of the SGI are indicative of a pitiful, shameless, group in need of direction and counseling.   One writer described Daisaku Ikeda without the legitimacy of Priesthood a “billionaire chant master” who is head of the Ikeda society.  It is incredulous how Daisaku Ikeda like a smooth pimp manipulates women to propagate the Ikeda agenda.  Daisaku Ikeda via his publications actually makes heroes of his women. One case in point is the case of former prostitute Hiroe Clow whereas the SGI Newspaper in many articles builds the former prostitute who once worked at the bar in Japan called Casino a hero.  The World Tribune bombards SGI members with articles about the now deceased Hiroe Clow.  The SGI fails to tell its members that the alleged incident and fraud perpetrated by the SGI against the Nichiren Shoshu 67th high Priest blew up in their face like a cheap cigar and the officer who the SGI paid to give fraudulent testimony, Sprinkle was not even on duty at the time of the alleged incident but was in fact out of town on reserved Army training.


Black Women Ikeda’s New Women  

Since its excommunication from Nichiren Shoshu in the early 1990’s the basic infrastructure of the SGI crumbled leaving the SGI in America with a lack of males.  Most of the White SGI males leaders were brides to Japanese women of which many has since divorced and the African/American males has almost totally abandoned the SGI with the exception of a few leaders who hangs on to the SGI for reasons other than religion.  In the urban areas the new Hiroe Clow for Ikeda is no longer the Japanese woman, in that no new Japanese women are appearing as leaders in the SGI in America but, Ikeda has recruited and solicited from his American organization strong Black women who are now Ikeda women.  These new Ikeda women are in many instances educated, strong willed, persistent and in most cases man-less.  We do not mean that the women do not have someone to service them, we mean in most of the cases the women do not have a man who can stand side by side with them in their efforts to propagate an Ikeda agenda or discuss Buddhism.  In the case of Toni Crutchfield I explained to Toni that she was an Ikeda woman months ago.  In Memphis, Tennessee I asked the Ikeda women to present one strong-willed African/American male.  We hold truths to be self evident that SGI has a serious flaw that in a city the size of Memphis that has a majority African/American population the organization lack Black males, one should ask why?   

  Earlier this week we received a call from Shirley Patton informing us that SGI African/American paid staff female leader Almeda Bailey was in town from Chicago.  Shirley passed the message to my wife Zuri Elmore if we wanted a home visit by Almeda or the new reform Priest.  We at our web site have written many letters of SGI shamelessly sending Japanese men or Black women to speak to African/Americans.  One would think that after 40 years of development in America the SGI would have at lease one African/American male on its paid staff and out of a once claimed membership of over 500,000 members in America the SGI should produce one Buddhist African/American scholar or writer.


As a proud respectful African/American male who departed the SGI for reasons of the SGI’s lack of African/American input into the organization it deeply insults me that the SGI is treating African/American women like they are whores walking the streets for a pimp.   As a personal and dear friend of SGI paid staff member Almeda Bailey it pains me to see this once respectful woman being parading around by SGI in essence bought and sold and simply paid for by Ikeda.  Not only is Almeda being brought and sold other African/American women are doing the same nonsense.  In many reports Marsha who we know as Bonnie is always the –go between- taking these leaders around promoting an Ikeda agenda like they are Saturday’s Jehovah witnesses.   

We Would Love A Human Visit  

My wife and I would never object to a visit by the SGI members who we were once close to and we consider our friends, however what we do object to is the Ikeda agenda visits ignorantly, promoting, manipulating, and conning.  It is not the visits that insults us but ignorance of the individuals promoting the agenda.  Toni Crutchfield for the second time betrayed my trust and friendship by asking me to meet with SGI paid reform Priest Yuki Okazaki.  I explained to Toni Crutchfield that I was very busy and that Yuki Okazaki market value in Memphis could go no further than his talking to Ikeda indoctrinated SGI members, however beyond an Ikeda agenda Yuki Okazaki.  I explained to Toni that Okazaki does not even have a firm view of historical Buddhism.  I asked Toni Crutchfield to question Okazaki about the Black Buddhist God on the Gohonzon Fudo Myo ‘O or to inquire as to whether he had any historical knowledge of Buddhism.  If the reform priest or the SGI member simply choose to discuss Buddhism I would be happy to sit as a human and discuss this wonderful Buddhism however when we are insulted or treated ignorant we take offense to such nonsense.  

The Meeting With SGI Reform Priest Yuki Okazaki

From February 15, 2000 to the first week in March my wife Zuri and I have been away from our office and we are just adjusting ourselves from a wonderful trip to the Nichiren Shoshu Temple in Ghana.  We at our Proud Black Buddhist Web site have exciting news to report and we are proud to say that the SGI nonsense in Ghana has stopped.  The SGI in Ghana is in a moribund condition and SGI Buddhism in Ghana is dying or as nearly dead as the SGI in Memphis.  Toni Crutchfield pressed me to visit with Yuki Okazaki and I pointed out to Toni that this man was only spreading an Ikeda agenda and I simply did not have the time and my meeting was for her sake not my sake.


 At around 3:00 p.m. on Saturday March 18, 2000 a Japanese entourage arrived at my office consisting of two Japanese men, a beautiful Japanese woman and Yuki Okazaki.  The meeting first reminded me of the old days when I openly and sincerely welcomed an SGI leader from Japan.  Yuki Okazaki reminded me of Rev. Hodo Sugeno when he first arrived from Japan at Myojogi Temple visiting Memphis in 1998.   Yuki Okazaki was garbed in traditional Japanese dress and I was greeted with elegant Japanese etiquette.  In addition to the Japanese etiquette I was greeted with an unfamiliar western style hug and handshake. 

Normally it is unthinkable for me to meet a guest at my office because my wife Zuri and I are very hospitable and we always invite our guests to eat with us.  Zuri reprimanded me regarding the meeting and reminded me of my busy schedule and forbade me from bringing the SGI leaders into our home.  Zuri made the point clear that her commitment for 2000 was to put SGI nonsense behind her and she did not want negative spirits brought into our home.  Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt I in my heart never meeting a reform Priest concluded that perhaps this reformist Priest could have legitimate concerns against Nichiren Shoshu.  If there was anyone who could articulate issues with the Priesthood then perhaps a former Nichiren Shoshu Priest could address concerns.


The Spiritual Sense 

In the meeting in my office with SGI reform Priest Yuki Okazaki I relaxed and turned on my Spirit.  I relaxed and zoomed into the SGI group.  At first their projection was warm and pleasant and for a moment I loved the meeting.  The spirit was interesting however the Japanese man with the phone did not particularly care for Black people, but he remained in the meeting doing his job, quite but attentive.  The Japanese female interpreter was a master, not only could she interpret words but she could skillfully capture the spirit of one’s words effortlessly.  The meeting was vintage SGI.  The SGI can afford the best things that money can buy and when it comes to the propagation of SGI Buddhism the SGI is always first class.   The expense of a first class interpreter for the SGI reform Priest was not an issue for the 125 billion dollar rich SGI.  This interpreter reminded me of the soft-styled beautiful Japanese interpreters who always accompany Daisaku Ikeda.  Perfection and image in this matter is no coincidence, but an SGI planned strategy.  In my case it is interesting to meet and greet the best that Japan offers.  Yuki Okazaki is clever, brilliant and he has the charisma of a tele-evangelistic minister.  It is interesting sizing a minister’s spirit and in my profession I have the opportunity to be around ministers often.  Yuki Okazaki is reminded me of a Japanese version of a Baptist minister.  Just listening to his words was a treat and very interesting feeling the spirit and hearing words he spoke.  In my four years of meeting Nichiren Shoshu Priests I have never heard a Nichiren Shoshu Priest speak like Yuki Okazaki.  Yuki Okazaki words were strong but his substance was weak and no more than an SGI parroted and staged con job. Yuki Okazaki said many beautiful words but his actions were conning, manipulative and he was spreading mis-information regarding Nichiren Shoshu of which we challenged him on his erroneous  views and propaganda that he was speading.


The Meeting With Yuki Okazaki

Toni Crutchfield was a few minutes late joining the meeting and she did not have the opportunity to set the agenda.  Yuki Okazaki was unprepared for the meeting with me and he was totally out of his realm.  The SGI reformist Priest attempted to deal with me on an issue that the SGI was weak and venerable and that is the racial issue.

As I expressed my concerns about the SGI Toni Crutchfield cringed and moved as she had to sit back and watch the reformist priest eat crow.  During the meeting Toni Crutchfield interjected by insisting that I allow the SGI reformist Priest to get into his realm of SGI issues.  Yuki Okazaki, Toni Crutchfield, the interpreter all were stomped when I asked the question about the Black Buddhas on the Gohonzon and I showed them on my computer Black Buddhist God Fudo Myo’O and some of the ancient Black Buddhas.  In questioning this reformist Priest he had a shallow background of the Historicity of Buddhism.  In the conversation the interpreter stepped in to mention African/American female leader Linda Johnson and I explained the circumstances regarding Linda Johnson.  In many of the issues Toni Crutchfield had absolutely no knowledge.  Neither could tell of the amount African/American hired at the Soka University in California or whether one African/American attended the university and no one is aware of a scholarship by the wealthy SGI even given to an African/American. It is interesting that the SGI featured NAACP Chairman Julian Bond on the front page of their March 17, 2000 World Tribune Newspaper speaking February 23, 2000 at the Soka University of America college.  The very issue that Julian Bond discussed regarding affirmative action the SGI is guilty of such as discrimination, lack of African/Americans on it staff.  The very college that Julian Bond spoke at lacks participation of African/Americans at it campus or staff, how ironic and hypocritical.  Julian Bond is simply an SGI to gain publicity and for the SGI to present a conning image of equally.  

SGI Con Job Repackage/Rehashed Via Yuki Okazaki

 Just as we suspected Yuki Okazaki is an SGI repacked mind manipulation scheme.  The SGI packed an excommunicated Nichiren Shoshu Priest who was hired to promote an Ikeda agenda.  This re-packaged Ikeda agent mesmerizes indoctrinated SGI members reinforcing the SGI scheme to control SGI members.  Yuki Okazaki come in the guise as a former Nichiren Shoshu Priest sincerely searching for reforms in Nichiren Shoshu.  However upon closer examination one would find in Yuki Okazaki the makings of an Ikeda agent or a clear-cut SGI paid staff member. 

Yuki Okazaki in his dissertation to me simply rattled off an SGI agenda.  I asked Yuki Okazaki to specifically point out improprieties in the Nichiren Shoshu Priesthood and his answer was simply an SGI clear-cut agenda. The following is a list of what he considers Nichiren Shoshu improprieties.  Please note that he stated nothing new and his arguments were weak.  He sited  Eleven things: 1. The demolishment of the Sho Hondo, 2. Excommunication of SGI members 3. Stopped bestowing Gohonzons to SGI. 4. Stopped SGI pilgrimages 5.Priests are superior 6. Hinder path of Kosen-Rufu. 7.  Violence  8. Priests were drowned in money 9. No faith, practice and study 10. Priest play around 11. Nichiren Shoshu is Feudalistic.  

Yuki Okazaki is clearly preaching mis-information and everything that he sited can be clearly refuted as nonsense.  The SGI is fraudulently presenting information about Nichiren Shoshu.  Yuki Okazaki was disappointing and he brought no new insight to the conversation other than him being a paid SGI agent .

 The Reform Priest SGI Scheme Or Marketing Strategy

 The SGI pays Yuki Okazaki to come to America, Okazaki’s true value is not talking to a few people in American but his true value to the SGI is his marketing strategy via SGI publications.  This is a clear-cut SGI scheme, let me site some examples.  SGI President Daisaku Ikeda scheduled a meeting a few years ago at a rented space in the basement at Harvard University.  A few SGI leaders attended the photo session in the basement of Harvard and Daisaku Ikeda was able to stage a Headline Ikeda Visits Harvard University and sell SGI members on the image that Daisaku Ikeda was actually invited to speak at Harvard University.  Over and over Daisaku Ikeda have use schemes to con SGI members.  Via the SGI public relations & marketing strategy the SGI will feature an excommunicated Nichiren Shoshu Priest Yuki Okazaki in its publications worldwide as if he is making an impact in America.  Other than his talking at staged SGI meetings his marketing appeal would be very limited in America.  This excommunicated Priest would have no value in Japan except to the SGI.  Yuki Okazaki’s value in America is an excellent way for SGI to rehash its old messages repackaged.  The SGI will cleverly use this calculated marketing opportunity to further condition SGI members.


Our Investigation Of SGI Priest Yuki Okazaki


Yuki Okazaki is an SGI-AKA (Reformist  Priest)  in Akita, Japan.  If one were to investigate the SGI Reformist Priest movement one would find an inherent SGI background dominating the Reformist Priests.  It is almost scary and nearly like a horror movie to imply that Daisaku Ikeda actually had SGI members to become Priest to infiltrate the Nichiren Shoshu Priesthood.  Our investigation of the Reformist Priest we have found them to come from an SGI background.  If one were to look at the age of Yuki Okazaki and review his profile he has only been a Priest for 20 years.  Even in my own circumstance I was even a Nichiren Shoshu member before this man was a Priest.  His profile reveals that he became a Priest after Nikken Shonin became the high Priest in 1979.  If one were to put two and two together this man was of an advanced age and an SGI member long before he entered the Nichiren Shoshu Priesthood.  In a March 31. 1979 lecture to a group of Priest trained by 66th high Priest Nittasu Shonin the (Myokan-Kai), 66th High Priest Nittasu Shonin revealed that as far back as 1963 and 1964 Gakkai study department graduates were already saying Daisaku Ikeda was a Buddha.  66th High Priest revealed in his lecture that they had only recently found this information out and it would take a while to correct the misgivings of Ikeda.  We at this Proud Black Buddhist Site can say that Daisaku Ikeda had his agents infiltrate Nichiren Shoshu.   

In the fall of 1999 Toni Crutchfield presented me with an SGI poster titled “Priests Speak Out” and we at the Proud Black Buddhist site responded to the pamphlet with our lecture “SGI’s latest Con Job”.  We in essence could have just presented our “SGI’s latest Con Job” lecture to answer the issue or the meeting with SGI paid Priest Yuki Okazaki.  Yuki Okazaki mentioned to me that Priests in Nichiren Shoshu are drowned and money yet he never citied examples of such behavior.  On the other hand Yuki Okazaki is supported by SGI members who make up his Myokiji Temple in Akita Japan, in addition to his temple he is paid by the SGI.  I challenge anyone to examine the life style of Yuki Okazaki in Japan and we will bet the farm on the fact that Yuki Okazaki is in opulence beyond that of most Nichiren Shoshu Priests.  We challenge our readers not to take things by face value like Toni Crutchfield and many SGI members these individuals do not do research and they take things a face value.  Toni got irritated when I asked her to present me some background on Yuki Okazaki.  In our modern age of communication you can easily get some background on anyone and our research find Yuki Okazaki to be only an SGI paid staff member. 

The SGI report on via the March 1992 Seiko Times that February 15, 1992 Yuki Okazaki left the Nichiren Shoshu sect.   Proud Black Buddhist estimate that Yuki Okazaki’s temple in Akita Japan is an SGI strong hold and the temple is supported by SGI members as well as Yuki Okazaki being paid by the SGI.   Yuki Okazaki and other paid Priest of the SGI has been on Daisaku Ikeda’s payroll since 1992.  Yuki admitted that SGI members support his temple.

Yuki Okazaki And Other Reform Priest Lack Credibility


Although Yuki Okazaki has the ability to dazzle indoctrinated SGI minds like a Toni Crutchfield and other SGI members. Yuki Okazaki has no credence other than he made it to the ranks as Nichiren Shoshu Priesthood.  In our September report on the SGI pamphlet “Priest Speak Out” we reported how Now SGI Priest Yuren Funjita and Bando Sato lacked credibility and we found that these Priests were among a wave of new SGI orientated recruits who entered the Priesthood in the 1980’s from SGI backgrounds.  Yuki Okazaki is also from an SGI background and based upon his current age he was an adult when he entered the Nichiren Shoshu Priesthood and we conclude that he was and Ikeda agent entering the Priesthood as the others who Ikeda encouraged to join the Priesthood.  The reform Priest statue in Nichiren Shoshu was minimal at best and non of these Priest were close to 67th High Priest Nikken Shonin or non was even on his personal staff and most do not even have a clue regarding the High Priest business and affairs.  

Toni Crutchfield What Is Your Point?

 I say said it in the Fall and I am saying in the Spring “Baby you are being pimped by Ikeda”.   You insisted that I meet Yuki Okazaki and I found him to be only an SGI paid staff member like Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Roberts, Almeda Bailey.  All you other SGI sisters are being pimped and do not know it.  During the course of the meeting with Yuki Okazaki do you remember me picking up the magazine he had placed on the table?  As Yuki Okazaki was talking I glanced at the magazine and I saw photographs of all the erroneous propaganda the SGI is putting out.  To be honest about the matter the man brought some SGI Bullshit propaganda.  I could care less about SGI/Hokkeko issues however I do care when someone brings blatant lies to me.  The Air brushing of photographs by the SGI and their putting out erroneous information is a very despicable act.  Toni Crutchfield your participation in such nonsense makes you very despicable.  The very idea that you have the guts to sell other Black people or any people nonsense makes you a party to evil doings.  My sister any time you unethically allow con game to take place and you become a party to such makes you the same………….I rest may case!!!!!!!

This Article will be placed on the web site we will add and make corrections to this document.