Afro-Centric Nichiren Buddhist Lectures

By Anthony "Amp" Elmore

I started writing this lecture in August of 2001 titled "The Karma of Black people" Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism really explains what happen to Black people in Africa. The Gosho really talks about it. It took a Black person to explain it. The Gosho "On Establishing the correct teachings" or "On Securing the Peace of the Land through the Propagation of True Buddhism" (Rissho ankokuron) hints at what happen to Africa. The lecture is unfinished but I will complete it soon.

This is a Buddhist lecture about Love, sex and relationships . What about inter-racial dating? What about stars like Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Pryor, Kobe Bryant, Bill Clinton. How do we Buddhist handle love and sex? What do the writings of Nichiren say about this issue?

Buddhism is based on the law of "Cause and Effect" The Willie Lynch Speech is a Method White Slave owners used to control Black people. Black people today are still effected by the Willie Lynch practices imposed of Black people. This is an Afro-Centric lecture examining the Willie Lynch method to control Black people that is still working today.

The Wizard of Oz a Buddhist tale . We use the Wizard of Oz to explain Buddhism and Buddhist theory.

The True Buddha Nichiren Daishonin in the Gosho "Letter from Sado" Nichiren Daishonin writes that he was from a poor and lowly Chandala family. The Chandala were the poor oppressed Black people of India. Japanese will not tell you this please study hard to get a clearer picture of Buddhism.

The first inhabitants of India were a group of Ethiopians known as "Negritos". The second element or groups to come to India from Africa were the "Proto-Australoid" or what white people call Australian Aboriginal. The mixture of the "Negrito" and the "Proto-Australoid" make up a group in India called the "Dravidians" who were the first inhabitants of India. The Buddha was a Dravidian. This lecture is about 2000 Gold Medalist Kathy Freeman who is of the people who is link to our Black Buddhist past.

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In January Of 2000 I watched the hit Movie "Hurricane" staring Denzel
Washington. The movie is about wrongly accused Boxer Rubin Carter. I wrote this lecture thinking "What would I as a Buddhist do if I was in Carter's shoes or what is a Buddhist perspective of this true life story?

Reply To My Friend Who Say's That " Religion Is Only A Tool Of Ruling Class" This Lecture title "Reply To the Revolutionary".

In October of 2000 I supported the Million Family March ...A Buddhist Prospective on Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, Muslim faith ect.

In August of 2001 I made a visit to our Head Temple at Taisekiji. I give an Afro-Centric insite at visiting the temple and everything that happen to me. I plan to visit the temple again in August of 2004. It is Black Hokkeo Members and not White or Japanese people who have a problem with a strong Black man. I is the circumstance of watching out for "master."

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