There is no evidence to prove that the Rigveda so call sacred Sanskrit is anterior to Buddhism? There exists no archeological evidences of Aryans? There is no literary evidence that Sanskrit is anterior to Buddhism? The Vaidik Brahmins created a myth in the society. 75% of the culture of India was Dravidian. Brahmin propaganda gained currency without any archeological and literary evidence that the Rigveda and the Hindu culture are anterior to Buddhism. There is no carbon dating of the Rigveda? The Rigveda is written in Sanskrit. There is no archeological and literary evidence that Sanskrit came before Buddhism. The idea of Sanskrit being an ancient language is a myth.

Praskrit was the language of the indigenous people. In ancient times it was associated with Buddhism. The Vaidik's who occupied the apex of the social pyramid could not tolerate their historical inferiority because they knew that if the people came to know that the Brahminical culture came after Buddhism, their Vedas, gods and goddesses would become a bundle of lies. There was nothing like "Vedic period" before Buddhism because Sanskrit developed after Buddhism.

The Vikram Era that is associated with Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya, a king of the Gupta dynasty is when Sanskrit emerged. This was the "Golden Period of Hinduism." It is called so because Sanskrit was made the state language in place of Pali, the language of the Buddhists. So, the Vikram Era is associated with the extermination of Pali. The fact remains that there is nothing like Aryan civilization and Vedic period in Indian history anterior to Buddhism. Praskrit the language of the indigenous people was associated with Buddhism in ancient times. Praskrit, the Buddhist language is associated with the Harappan culture as is inscriptions used by Buddhist emperor Ashoka to propagate his message to the people were derived from the language of the Harappan people. Aryan is a distortion of the word Iranian. The Vaidik racist propagated Sanskrit as a racist or White or Aryan  language.  Buddhist teachings and writings were originally written in Pali language.  We have the Pali Cannon.  Sanskrit was used to uproot the Black language of Pali and replace Buddhist language along racial lines and make it White or Aryan.