World Racism is Institutional and some Black, White and Japanese would argue that the discussion of racism has no place among Buddhist.  The true history of Buddhism in India is the fact that Buddhism emerged in India as a protest against Brahminism or in plain simple terms racism. The word cast in India means race. In Ethiopia I see a country where there are millions of Black men who are Priest who operate their religion. I do not believe that Japanese men only should be a Nichiren Shoshu Priest.
The 11 medieval monolithic cave churches of this 13th-century 'New Jerusalem' are situated in a mountainous region in the heart of Ethiopia near a traditional village with circular-shaped dwellings. Lalibela is a high place of Ethiopian Christianity, still today a place of pilgrimage and devotion. Click on the picture above and see video where CNN news is encouraging viewers to see the wonders of Ethiopia. Black people have been Priest for thousands of years.
Our Nichiren Shoshu Priest have a fascinating history of the Buddhist religion that goes over 750 years.  Japanese are proud of their history however this is no reason to be arrogant. In Ethiopia or East Africa they have Priest who have an unbroken 3000 year old history.  Just as Nichiren Shoshu has preserved its history and records, the Africans of Ethiopia maintained the longest running dynasty of Kings and Queens in the history of Mankind.  Ethiopia is the only African nation that was never colonized and Ethiopia has its own written language called Geeze of which Sanskrit in India originated.  While A Black person in the Nichiren Shoshu religion cannot be a Priest, the racism is so pervasive in the Nichiren Shoshu religion you will not find any Black man who is an official spokes person in the religion. The Priest in this religion is so racist that they monitor everything that is said or they have Black People read their speeches.  Black people have had civilizations before Japan ever existed.  Please click on the picture to see video about Ethiopia.
Lalibela is a town in northern Ethiopia where Black people carved 11 Churches in caves during the time of Nichiren Daishonin. Click on picture for video.
This is a picture of Mr. Alan Billups who is a Nichiren Shoshu member from Myosenji Temple in Washington D.C. Alan is a first Black generation Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist in America.  Alan's father was Mr. Aaron Billups who was a top SGI leader and Alan was introduced to Buddhism by his father. SGI racism caused Alan's father to quit Buddhism. Alan is one of the strongest and most courageous Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist in America, despite the overt racism practiced by Nichiren Shoshu Priest in America Alan has written a book on Buddhism and he has lectured on Buddhism in several countries.  Alan introduced Buddhism to the country of Ethiopia, he has introduced  Buddhism in Ghana.  Alan traveled to Brazil and mastered the Brazilian language of Porteguese. Alan travels each year to the Nichiren Shoshu temple in Taisekiji Japan and he has an unwavering faith in Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism.  Depite Alan's credentials and strong Buddhist background and history racist Japanese treat this Black man like he is a second class citizen.  Professionally Alan is a physical Theorpist  and a graduate from the Barbara Brennen school of Energy Healings.  Alan was born into a Buddhist family and he  is a  prolific Buddhist  writer and speaker. This is the irony in America; a young Japanese Priest who has no knowledge of America, our culture, history and less educated is given more crediability than a Black man like Alan who has the experience of traveling the world, a college education, being born into a Buddhist family. Although  a Black man like Alan is just as dedicated to Buddhism as any Priest, this Black man will not be respected while a Priest will be honored almost as a god.  This is clear-cut racism on the part of our Japanese Buddhist leaders.  Recently a fire took place at Myosenji Temple in Washington D.C. and Alan  was the man who grabbed our sacred object of Worship out of the temple.  We hold that this fire is sign that Japanese racism must stop in America.
Alan spent his own money to bring this Nichiren Shoshu Priest to Ethiopia to start Buddhism in this country where it once existed.  Despite Alan's efforts Japanese still discriminate against Alan. Click on this picture to read Alan's story  to bring this religion to Ethiopia. Japanese must stop their racist practices.
Click on this picture to learn about Alan and see video of  his lectures.  Japanese control Buddhist publications and  if it was not for our Proud Black Buddhist website the world would never learn about Black Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist
Ethiopia is the oldest Christian nation in the world and they have Priest who have been around for 3000 years. Whites lied and told Black slaves that they gave them the Christian religion when it was always in Africa. I post Ethiopia to give Black people a sense of history. While Africans in Ethiopia are Priest who have been around for over 3000 years, why is it that Black people in SGI and Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism have such subordinate roles in this religion?  It is Japanese racism, please learn history and fight racist Japanese people.  Stand up to this racism

Below are pictures of Ethiopian Priest who have been around for thousands of years. This is evidence that Black people are just as dedicated to religion as Japanese priest. We show this history to make Black people aware that we are being discriminated against by Japanese people. In Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism in Memphis a Black man is not allowed to speak about Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism.  Before the Priest took over we Black people lead our meetings without being dominated by Japanese Priest or Japanese SGI leaders. Below are pictures of Ethiopian Priest.  If you click on the pictures you will see video of the History Channel Visiting various places in Ethiopia looking for History of the "Ark of the Convenant" this history goes back 3000 years in Ethiopia.  Black people need to find a sense of history to understand that our Japanese Nichiren Shoshu Priest of being Racist by their dominating and being disrepectful by dominating their culture against Black people in America.  I told the Black lay leader in Memphis, Tennessee not to accept this discrimination.  click on pictures to load the video. 

Ethiopian Orthodox church has Ark of Covenant PART 1
Ethiopian Orthodox church has Ark of Covenant PART 2
Ethiopian Orthodox church has Ark of Covenant PART 3
This is a picture of Ethiopian Priest in White
Ethiopian Orthodox church has Ark of Covenant PART 4
Click on this picture and see video of the Ancient Castles in the City of Gondar in Ethiopia.
Click on this picture to learn about the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia. Ethiopia has a rich history.

Click on this picture to learn about Gondar and its many attractions in Ethiopia

Please click on this picture to learn about Ethiopia the oldest Christian nation in the World. The Christian Bible mentions Ethiopia about 40 times, in the Bible they are called Cush. Ancient India was once a colony of Ethiopia and the Ganges river was named after the Ethiopion General "Ganges."  They were called in the Vedas the "Negas."This is the best video to learn basic Ethiopian history.  The reason that we encourage Black people to learn this history so that you can feel proud and not let Japanese leaders  and Priest intimidate you.  The ancient Ethiopians once practiced Buddhism.
This is part two history of Ethiopia Video click on this picture to learn about Video
This book "The African Presence in Early Asia" is a great book to put in your collection to learn about African. Please click on the book to learn some history about the Black Presence in Early Japan.
This is me Anthony "Amp" Elmore on the left and my wife Bogalech Akeberegn Debaye on the right. I put her picture on this site because she is an Ethiopian who I met in Ethiopia in 2005. My wife comes from a family of Falasha Jews. My wife says that she is from the "Tribe of Judah."  Since I study history I was able to show her in the book the Analcypisis by British Historian Godfrey Higgins that the Tribe of Judah was a group of Buddhist from India. India in ancient times was a colony of Ethiopia.  Notice how they describe Ethiopia as a hidden city in Africa.  White historians knew about the Ethiopians but they hid this history to justify slavery in America. In the late 1800's Ethiopia defeated Italy in war.  Later in 1935 Mussolini attacked Ethiopia and later World war II happen.
you are slandering Nichiren Dashonin Buddhism and you will see the cause of the your action.
You are not authorize to give guidance or lecture you will not supersede the Dashonin
Teachings. You and Allen are wrong and you need to evaluate your faith and practice because
you are acting like President Ikeda. Like I said you will receive the results of your slanderous
action. I will not respond to anythin you have to say
When I was in Japan at our Nichiren Shoshu Temple I shared with many of the members about Black Buddhist History and many of the members got upset with me. On woman said that she was afraid of me. One Black member at the Myosenji temple in Washington D.C. whose last name is Jackson wrote me an email in 2001.  This email shows you how Black people are intimidated by the Priest.  I speak of documented historical teaching but some Nichiren Shoshu Priest are practicing mind control and members are afraid of speaking the truth. What she wrote is on the left and my response to her is on the right.  She is angry with me and Alan Billups for our independent thinking.
Dear ________:

I take it that you had a safe journey home and your passion is still on a high. I am sure you enjoyed your Tozan. The Gosho reads "exert yourself in the two ways of practice and study, without practice and study there can be no Buddhism. You must not only persevere yourself; you must also teach others. Both practice and study arise from faith. Teach others to the best of your ability, even if a single sentence or phase". MW page #95. Ms._________ does not the Daishonin say "Teach others to the best of your ability"? I also challenge you to read the 14 slanders. Also read the Gosho "The Embankments of Faith" it says "However, slander can be either minor or serious, and there are times when we should overlook it rather than attack it". MW page #158. Ms. Jackson can you delineate when to attack slander or when to overlook it as the Gosho reads. At Tozan I spoke with Rev. Takahashi and I mention to the Rev. that I addressed the issue of the "Proud Black Buddhist" website with Nichiren Shoshu overseas bureau in a direct letter to Rev. Obyashi and all Nichiren Shoshu Chief priests in America. Ms.______ I find it incredulous that you are attempting to admonish me while the Priest remain silent. I take it that your wisdom regarding this matter is greater than the Priest. Please read the Gosho "The Workings of Brahma And Shakra" it reads "Instead of advising me in the presence of many people, why don't you admonish yourselves first? With this remark, abruptly rise from your seat and depart". Ms. ____________ I wish you the best.