Love, Sex and Relationships: A Buddhist Lecture
The world's first Soul Buddhist lecture By Anthony "Amp" Elmore Sr.
In this picture American President Barack Obama appears to be giving this woman a once over.  The video perhaps will tell a different story.  The idea of Love, Sex and Relationships are for some an excusicating painful experiences and many turn to religions to find answers to such problems.  Buddhism is not typically a religion where those who experience such pain turn to for help.  This lecture tells how the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism can help to remedy the pain of Love, Sex and Relationships.
These experts giving analysis, evaluations, and so called expert advice to Tiger Woods are fradulent, misleading and weak.   What is funny regarding Black People is the fact that Tiger Woods  has an affinity for White Chicks and Black sisters are mad as hell because Tiger  Woods discriminated against Black women. Lets admit it; "Tiger Love him some White Stuff." One of the porn women who allegently made love to Tiger Woods decribes him as the "Whitest Black Man in the World."  Nichiren  Buddhism explains all phenomena. I am sure that I can give Tiger better advice than this fake doctor.  This doctor is not real and Tiger Woods is not real and he is living the life of a maquerade.
This is a picture and video of expert  Dr. Drew Pinsky weighing in on the Tiger Woods controversy.  Dr. Pinsky says that he was "SAD" and he thought Tiger was different.  This doctor apparently does not understand "human nature."  Many say that Tiger Woods has a "Sex Addiction" and that he is "SICK."  Many people feel betrayed by "Tiger Woods" and many in the world have distored views of Love, Sex and Relationships.  Nichiren Daishonin in his enlighten Buddhist Teachings answers such questions.  Click on the video and hear the nonsense evaluation given my Dr. Drew Pinsky
This is a picture of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford at a Press Conference admitting a love affair with a Woman in Argentina. Although the Governor admits that he a has 4 wonderful children, a good wife and everything to lose, he simply left his office and disappeared to be with the woman he called "His Sole Mate." Whether it is former U.S. President Bill Clinton who had an affair, or former Presidential candidate John Edwards with him having a baby outside of his marriage or former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer who has an affair with a high paid call girl, the issues of Love, Sex, and Relationships have plagued mankind since time without a beginning. Click on the picture to view the words of Women on the view discussing Governor Sanford.
Brit Humes suggest to Tiger Woods that he joins the Christian Faith to overcome his challenges

Readers I am almost too embarrassed to share with you what I am about to tell you, however my heart to teach Buddhism is honest and I believe if I am honest you will feel my spirit. Love, Sex and Relationships are not what they use to be. We live in a modern technological society and things just "aint the same." A few years ago a Buddhist member introduced me to a Buddhist forum on a site called "Pal Talk."  Inadvertently I learned about a sex room and I could not believe my eyes.  The Internet has open an arena for honest "Safe Sex."  For the first time in my life I saw women who ordinarily are shy and inhibited about sex, show themselves live an open in an exposed sexual fantasy over the Internet.  On this site women were stripping nude, masturbating and exploring sexual fantasies.  Wow!!! My eyes got big and I signed up for that site so that I could see more. Also I was once on a dating site and I could not believe my eyes, I asked a woman to send me a picture of her standing and she took a camera and emailed me a picture of her stuff.  I emailed her back and I asked her was this what I thought it was and she said yes.  All over America young teenage girls are sending nude pictures of themselves via the Internet. The world has become open free about sex and the idea of Love, Sex and Relationships are an even complicated subject for religious teachings.  Such subjects are never discussed, tolorated or even insinuated at Nichiren Shoshu Temples in America.  The idea of such subjects being discussed or talked about on the web would certainly be a forbidding subject at Nichiren Shoshu Temples in America.

This is the world's first Buddhist soul lecture click on many of the pictures to listen to the music to enhance your reading and get a cultural flair of our lecture. Click on my picture to load video of a song that explains my Buddhist spirit.

Welcome to our Proud Black Buddhist website. This lecture is the world's first "Soul Buddhist Lecture" in the history of Buddhist teachings worldwide. The question that you may ask; exactly what is a "Soul Buddhist Lecture". A "Soul Buddhist Lecture" is specifically a Lecture that is "inclusive of traditional Black culture and style." In America when the Africans practiced the religion given to them by their former slave masters the Africans in America infused their culture into the religion and out of their religious practice emerged the "first original music" that evolved in America, this art form was called "Negro Spirituals." From Negro Spirituals evolved original American musical art forms of Blues, Jazz, Soul and Rock and Roll.

In my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee WDIA radio station was the first radio station in America to target to an all Black audience, this happen in 1948. World musical stars like Rock & Roll King Elvis Presley and Blues King B.B. King got their start from WDIA in Memphis, Tennessee. Black music has not only influenced and excited Black people, but Black music has captivated the world and the late Black singer Michael Jackson's music influenced the world.

Japanese lay leaders and Japanese Priest introduced Buddhism in America and both groups are continuing to introduce Buddhism to America. The Japanese groups are introducing Buddhism via the traditional Japanese methods of propagating Buddhism in America. Recently a few African/Americans Priest and leaders have emerged from Buddhist sects other than the Nichiren Shoshu or the SGI Buddhist sects.

The heart of the culture of Black people in America is in its music and no Buddhist teachings have specifically infused "Black Music," culture and philosophy into the Buddhist teachings. This lecture Love, Sex and Relationships is the first Buddhist lecture that can be characterized as a legitimate "Black Buddhist Lecture." A Black Buddhist lecture is like a Black radio station, the station is not racist but cultural and the world has grown to enjoy Black music and today the Black hip hop wrap music is performed all over the world. We hope that you enjoy our lecture and by all means listen to the music to help you to understand our message delivered in a Black cultural prospective.
Just recently in November of 2009 the scandal of 33 year old America Black Golf champion Tiger Woods has emerges as perhaps the greatest scandal in the History of Mankind. In just a few short weeks after the scandal broke regarding the Golfers alleged sexual encounters multiple sexual partners it has been estimated that the effect of the scandal could cost companies who Tiger Woods loss in sales revenue upwards to 13 Billions dollars. The Tiger Woods scandal has generated more interest worldwide than the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. We at our Proud Black Buddhist website have the courage to take on such controversial subject and our aim is to bring the teachings of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism to main stream America. News caster Britt Humes suggest that Tiger Woods should become a profess Christian to deal with this issue. We at the Proud Black Buddhist site demonstrate how not only Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism will be good for Tiger Woods but the Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist faith is good for all mankind.
Click on this picture to view how Tiger has affected the finacial entities
Click here to view Brit Humes suggest to Tiger Wood that he should become a Christian