Black Buddhist Practice Regarding the SGI
The SGI is the World's largest Nichiren Buddhist organization.  They have invested over 2 Billion Dollars in America.  They are masters at marketing and organization. My Buddhist training came from their USA affiliate NSA or Nichiren Shoshu of America.  The SGI is not like NSA.  It is the parent organization of the former NSA.  They almost control the politics of Japan.  They are managed by a Charismatic central figure.  It is very difficult to delinate the "true teachings" from the central figure.  This organization has some good people who would be happy to teach you Buddhism.  They are a force for introducing Buddhism Worldwide.  When I do my research I often use their great web resorces.  While I have been one of the SGI's worst critics they play a vital role in propagating Nichiren Buddhism.  I strongly encourage an association with the SGI. Recently I had a debate with SGI leader Mario Henry.  I respect this brother.  I would recommend the SGI as a great introduction into Buddhism.  Once you learn the practice you can move into your own personal arena. Click on the picture below.  This will give you an idea of the Black SGI Mind.  
Many African American Buddhist do not believe in teaching Buddhism in a "Cultural Context." We African Americans have the Black Church. Being a Black man in America while I respect a White Church I prefer a Black Preacher to a White Preacher.  I centainly prefer Black Gospel singers to White Gospel singers.  When I started Buddhism I had Black Buddhist teachers.  I prefer my Black Buddhist teachers to Japanese Teachers. Years ago I went to the Nichiren Shoshu Temple in Hawaii.  I hated the Temple.  Now when it comes to the Nichiren Shoshu Temple in Ghana I love my African and African American Culture.  The SGI is good for many African Americans.  Their leader Daisaku Ikeda wrote in his book the "Living Buddha" that the Buddha was Aryan.  That is a lie, the Buddha was of African decent. Most African Americans in the SGI says the Race of the Buddha don't matter.  In my household it does .  I am thrilled to death that the Buddha was a "Brother." 
Black in the day Atlanta was one of the hotspots in Buddhism.  I was looking for Sam Harris a brother who use to be a Buddhist leader on this picture.  The SGI centralized Buddhism. We had great leaders in Atlanta like Sam Harris.  I use to love going to the Buddhist meeting in Atanta. I used to date a couple of sisters.  There were Black meetings around the Black College areas and the practice was cool.  What happen to all of the Black Black Buddhist people in a "chocalate city" like Atanta?  In Memphis, Tennessee the SGI centralized the meetings.  Instead of us going to meetings at homes in the hood where we learned Buddhism from Black leaders, we were directed to the SGI cultural Centers.  They got rid of the "true Black leaders and everything was centered on the "Central figure."  We once had over 300 Black people practicing in Memphis.   One Black Buddhist leader Mr. Julius Dorsey maintained a Black Nichiren Shoshu Group in Memphis.  Nichiren Shoshu Priest Rev. Murata broke up the Black Group and replaced the meetings with a "Japanese Template." There  are very few or no more African Americans Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist in Memphis. Please understand that the Japanese bring a Buddhism to America that is tantamount to "Japanese Nationalism." If you are African African American or Black in this Japanese dominate organizations I will assure you that you will be marginalized.  Please note that at the time of this posting January 2014.  There is not one noted African or African American Buddhist scholar or leader in the world today. Ask yourself this question how can a Black man be the leader of the free world, run NASA or be world leaders and you do not find great Black Buddhist. What you have in Buddhism is Racism or Asian Ethnocentrism.  This is real in the Buddhist World we at the Proud Black Buddhist Website reject the Asian Racism and we have established our own Black Buddhist Church. Click on the link below to learn about the other Nichiren Buddhist Sects.

Over 20 years ago I challenged what was happening in the SGI.  If you look at this picture you will know something happen  click on the above picture and read about my concerns I documented over 20 years ago.

If you are interested in getting an understanding of the SGI and African/Americans please click on the above picture of young African/American SGI Buddhist Mr. Bobby Hudson. Mr. Hudson posted letter to us. We show how many African/American SGI members hold a novice view of True Buddhist history and that they support the SGI  view and practice of SGI  Buddhism that extricate African and African/American culture and history in their Buddhist practice. Click on the above picture read our entire dissertation on the subject of Japanese Cultural Domination.